Sunraysia Organic 100% Juice

One thing this mum is always worrying about is what goes into my kids tummies. I hate giving them junk, or something that's unhealthy just because it convenient (don't get me wrong they aren't the perfect eaters, but we try our hardest to watch everything that goest into their little tummies.) 

So when I was asked to give Sunraysia Organic a review I was over the moon. Little did I know what they looked like or anything. I was so amazed to see them in this little 100% recyclable 200ml pouch pack. I love the whole look of the package, it's not over the top and keeps to the theme of being organic and environmentally friendly. The pack is also the perfect size for both kiddies and adults, which is always a good thing. Your either stuck with having all these left overs because the kids can't finish them, or not enough to ease your thirst as the serving size is to small; but these are just perfect.

Now I'll talk about the flavour. when it comes to natural organic juice with nothing added or taken away, they can sometimes taste watered down and not very nice. But this isn't the case with Sunraysia Organic, and personally think the reason for this is the quality of their fruit and allowing their fruit to actually ripen.

I recently bought a little organic juice pack for my daughter to go to kinder with and she didn't even drink it. I thought great the girl doesn't like juice anymore. But to my surprise when I had a sip myself it tasted like water that had an off apple soaking in it, it wasn't pleasant at all. The flavour of Sunraysia Organic's juice is so full and yet so natural I can't explain it. You can taste that their isn't stacks of sugar added to it to make it sweet, you can also taste the natural flavours of fruits (their true flavours.)

These pouches are also great for the summer. Here in our house the girls and even daddy love an icy pole on a hot day. So not only do you get a great juice you can also get a healthy yummy icey pole. All you have to do is pop you juice pouch into the freezer until hard (or if you are like my partner and like a fruit slushie, semi hard.) and then take them out to enjoy as you like.  I also pop these juice pouches into the freezer the night before our days out, and when I pack our lunches the next day for a day out I take them out. Then by the time we are ready for lunch at a park or by the river, they are beautiful and cold.

My entire family love Sunraysia Organic and it will be my daughters best friend through kinder and the school (other then water.)
And best of all you can find it in the long life juice section of your supermarket, they cost around the $1.49 mark and at selected supermarkets you can get a deal 5 for $5.00.

Other reasons why you will love Sunraysia Organic::
*The pouch is 100% recyclable
*There are four fresh, great tasting juices in the range Apple, Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical.
*Made from certified organic fruit, Sunraysia Organic is all-natural with no artificial colours and flavours, no chemical pesticides, no genetic modification and no added sugars or preservatives.
*Sunraysia Organic is 100%
*Sunraysia Organic 100% juice in the long life juice section of your supermarket.