Hello Kitty Lip Treats will be keeping my Lips Sweet

It is that controversial time of year again, Valentines Day.
Some may say this day is a massive money scam, and might even think that why should there be one day out of the year I show my love when I can do it every day of the year.

In my house we don’t buy each other gifts, as we already know we love each other so much and don’t need a Valentines Day to prove that. But instead we will treat each other to a lovely dinner or something like that. After all our anniversary and Valentines Day are so close together anyway, so were happy to just go out and be in each other’s presence.

But here is a product that is sure to get you in the mood for Valentines Day and very kiss ready.
It is Hello Kitty’s Sweet Lip Treats
RRP $5.95
This would have to be the sweetest little pack I have been sent to use and try out.
Before I go into any more detail I want to tell you beauties how amazing these products actually smell.  If your partner doesn’t want to kiss them lips, he will want to eat them off. They are really creamy to put on and keep your lips feeling amazing. Hello Kitty has also taken in to a new level with their sticks; they are made into both heart shapes and flower shapes, which I think is really cute. The actual balm doesn’t colour your lips at all, just giving them a natural shine.
There are 7 different colours/scents I will go through them each in a little detail.

Creamy Vanilla- This comes in a creamy yellow colour (of course), and this smells just like a yummy vanilla icecream. This one is has a love heart shape stick.

Sweet Apricot- This one comes in a orange colour. This smell of all the smells is the most summery one to me. It reminds me of the days when I was a kid, picking fresh Apricot’s off my grandmas tree and just eating myself sick. It’s a really yummy yet very sweet smell. It is made into a flower shape stick.

Strawberry Icecream-  Comes in a red pink  sort of colour. I don’t think I need to explain the smell of this one, it smells exactly what its name states. The stick is also a heart shape.

Yummy Raspberry- is the darker pink packaging and has a flower stick. This one is probably a least fragrant one of all these lip treats. But with saying that the smell is really nice and more of a fresh raspberry smell then the sweet smell.

Sweet Candy- is the lighter colour pink packaging with the heart stick.
This smell reminds me of walking into the lolly shop at Sovereign Hill, with all the old school candy scents lingering. This one will make you feel very much like a kid again. So yummy and I could almost eat my own lips off.

Blackberry Smoothie- Is the pretty purple colour packaging with a flower shaped stick.  This again is a very low-key smell compared to the others, but it is stronger the Yummy Raspberry. This is my daughter’s favourite one, she loves the colour purple but also the smell.

Now for my favourite one of them all.
Milky Coconut- Is in a white with a heart stick. When I put this on my lips it reminds me of sitting in Samoa sipping on a fresh coconut that has just fallen of the tree, skin and all. It is so yummy and such a summery smell. If you don’t like the smell of coconut then you probably wont like this one. It has that kind of tanning oil smell about it, which again I love the smell of that to!!! This lip treat goes with me just about anywhere. If only Hello Kitty made this in a spray I would wear it!!

To find out where you can get your hands on some of these there stocklist number is 1300650981

I will not be caught out this Valentines Day