Ziera Shoes

UMMMM I think I have just laid eyes on the one fashion I MUST HAVE for Autumn/ Winter… I have to confess I only own one pair of boots and they are hi cut. But these are something you would struggle to take off me.
They can be dressed up or down depending on what you are wearing, while keeping them toes snug as a bug in a rug ;)

This style of boot comes in both this colour but also a black.

Maybe with my birthday coming up I can somehow get a little hint across to my partner that this is right up the top of my WISH LIST!!
Either that or I start saving my pennies to get me a pair, then that way every shoot I do you will be sure to see these on my feet!!! If you are wondering how much these babies cost they are: RRP $249.00 and they are called the Waikato. 

This is not the last time you see this boot!!! 

What makes these boots even better is when you buy them from a Ziera specialist store they give you a full 30-day (love me or bring me back) guarantee.  To find a specialist store near you, you can head to www.zierashoes.com