Cirque Du Soleil Ovo

Are there ever them days when you feel like you live in a circus, from the juggling act of getting the kids to school and shopping. To the acrobats that live in the house climbing anything they know they can climb? Then there is always the amazing magic tricks where the cupboard is full one day and empty the next :-)

Well life for Sebastien Savard is a circus, but not only that it is his family to. He's family was created around Cirque Du Soleil, coming into the show as a single man back in 2002, he has found a wife on tour and gone on to have two little children all while performing and travelling in OVO.
 Sebastien is a cockroach in the OVO show, which also happens to play violin (beautifully to may I add.) But it is a circus act itself; as he went on to explain to us at a bloggers only interview session with him before the show. When he plays there is no lights on him to see the notes he needs to play, so instead he is left to memorize the entire show in his head. 

They are a very multicultural family as they are a travelling family; Sebastien met his wife in Japan. Then they went to have their first child in New Zealand and their youngest in Portugal.
So this is where the question was brought up, " So when your kids are asked where they are from where do they say?" Sebastien said he didn't want his kids to respond with Cirque Du Soleil. His eldest says New Zealand and even wants to learn the Maori language and even the Haka (But as Sebastien pronounces it in his very beautiful accent ‘aka’).  And his youngest proudly and loudly says Portugal. But Sebastien has bought his own family home back in his hometown which is in the French part of Canada, they often return to this home whenever they get the opportunity.
We often cherish the things in our home but it is much different when your home is always moving. So instead of cherishing the small material things in life Sebastien and his family cherish one another and that becomes their mental home. Which got me to thinking, why on Earth do people worry about the material things in life? When realistically they have the world at their feet with their families.. Nothing can buy the love you receive from your own kids, from the little cuddles and kisses to the ‘I love you Mummie’s’ That really does out weigh anything you could buy to put in your home.

As for the Cirque Du Soleil show I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and my eyes were all over the place as there is always something to look at. You are never bored and there are always artists bending and twisting in positions I didn't even know the body could achieve. They also involved the audience more then once which I really enjoyed. 
With characters walking around the isles and even the main character Flipo getting a couple of the audience members up to play around. The Ovo show has been running since 2009 but yet the artists of the show have the same energy and love for what they do since day one. I honestly didn't even know that it premiered all that time ago, and I really love the passion the artists have for their jobs.  
Not once do any of the characters speak a word of English, you will here Ovo here and there (means egg in Portuguese) but that is about it. But yet without a single word spoken they are able to tell you a story within their actions and body language. You see the entire cycle of a bug in a very different and amazing way. 

The show is only in Melbourne until the 31st of March, and that has been EXTENDED as far as they possibly could. When I went on the 20th there was not an empty seat in the house. And after watching the show I now know why, it is worth every cent you pay.  After Melbourne the show will be heading to Perth for its last leg of its Australian tour.  
You can buy your tickets at 

I was so super lucky to be able to meet the amazing Sebastien Savard in the VIP lounge and then to actually go an experience this amazing show, which I was left completely lost for word. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I am so lucky to have experienced. Not only that I would be more then happy to listen to Sebastien speak all day and all night his French Canadian Accent was so beautiful.