Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes

One thing you learn when you are a mother that baby wipes are gods gift to any mother, but not only that they are great for any woman. From spills to dribble, to poop and wees even removing the makeup off your face when you are just to tired after settling the kids and are just ready for bed.  I know in their title they say baby wipes, but they are more then just for babies. They can be used on any age for just about any mess.

The pack that I was sent to try out was a smaller pack, which takes up hardly any space in both the baby bag and my handbag, which is really good. Sometimes I can’t be bothered hauling around my bag and the baby bag. So I pack two nappies into my handbag and these wipes, as these wipes are so small my entire handbag needs fit in easily.

I have used Johnson’s products with both of my kids; the main reason is for their scented products. I love the baby smell that the products give them and how the smell tends to linger. Same for the wipes, they actually get rid of the horrible poop smell from a full nappy. They also don’t break away in your hand when wiping up a mess, so that means no horrible mess comes in contact with your hand. I have also noticed in comparison with a lot of other wipes, when it comes to Johnson’s I only have to use one wipes, two max!! So then my pack lasts much longer then the others as I am using less wipes. But I truly am in love with these small packs; they are so convenient and handy. I have actually bought a pack of these just to have in my glove box in the car, as you never know when you may need a wipe.

Protecting your baby’s delicate skin is important as it is up to 30% thinner and loses water more rapidly making it more susceptible to damage. From the first nappy change, you can be sure that you won’t damage your baby’s skin using Johnson’s Baby Skincare wipes. The extra soft wipes are specially formulated for gentle all over cleansing with strong cotton soft fabric.