Unico Degraves St Salon Revamp Launch

On the 15th of March I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Unicos refurbished salon at Degraves St Melbourne.

Before I start I want to let all my readers know that when I laid eyes on the salon it truly did take my breath away. I just wanted to sit in the seat and have my hair done.
We were greeted with drinks and food from the lovely Degraves St Espresso and Journal. I really stuffed my face with Chorizo and also meatballs with rice.

We were aloud to explore the newly renovated salon as well as sit down outside and admire the atmosphere. I dont think anything compares to the real indie atmosphere of a Melbourne laneway.  Closed off from traffic, with bars and cafes sprawled along the laneway, it’s just a beautiful atmosphere.  It was a really hot and stuffy day, and being in a laneway with no breeze didnt really help, so I left earlier unfortunately.

We were also delighted to hear Sofia (the owner and creator of Unico Haircare.) speak of the transformation not only of her salon but the whole laneway around her. There was lots of love spread and even tears shed, which just goes to show the passion still runs deep with Sofia. She let us know that she was so privilege to be able to say that the Unico in Degraves St lived through the transformation of the Melbourne Laneways. Going back 15-20 years the Melbourne laneways were really filthy and just somewhere you didnt want to be. Nowadays they are filled with cafes, people and live music; a place where every Melbournian is happy to sit all-day and evening. 
I might also mention that the beautiful Sofia Basile looked stunning in a beautiful sequined white and gold low back dress.

Degraves Street dining and retail strip, UNICO Hair, has been given a much needed facelift after 20 years in residence. The first of hairdresser Sofia Basiles three UNICO Hair salons has replaced its outdated interior with a fresh new look in keeping with the gritty urban mood of its surroundings.
Basile entrusted the extensive refurbishment to Kate Challis of Kate Challis Interiors (www.katechallis.com), who is a long-term client and friend. Challis came together with the overall design concept and gathered a talented team to implement the plan.
 The most transformative change in the salon involved covering the walls with an exquisite wallpaper from Merci Paris, a concept store in the Marais. Entitled Brooklyn Tin Tiles”, the paper features a realistic photographic image of a pressed metal tile that has been aged with peeling paint, rust spots and cracks.

I was also very lucky and received a goodie bag which entitled me to get my hair done at any of the Unico salons; Sofia has 3 at this stage
Degraves St, Little Collins or Brunswick St in Fitzroy.

I think I will be popping my head into the Brunswick St salon as it is closest to me and I want to see what the salons look like this end of the town.

Also in the goodies bag we all received a sample of the:

Leave In Spray-On Conditioner
 RRP $25
A leave-in protein conditioner with a light apricot fragrance designed to protect and defrizz light, difficult hair. Adds shine and protects hair from the effects of mechanical drying, chlorine and the sun. Ideal for active people and for all hair types, particularly fine.

The first thing I loved about this product is the smell. It has a kind of fruity smell but that clean salon smell also. The leave in Spray-On Conditioner also doesnt weigh my hair down or make it look oily which is really a plus for me.
I have taken this with me to the beach and also whenever I go swimming. As soon as I leave the water I give my hair 6-7 sprays (this is because my hair is very long and thick) and my hair is left feeling and smelling great until I get the chance to go home and have a shower and wash my hair properly.
I know it says particularly suited for those with fine hair, but mine is thick and frizzy and loves this Conditioner so much. I find that it also acts as a detangle treatment also, for when my hair gets knotty and not nice.