Calling in Sick Today.. Sorry Kids

Sometimes I ask myself why cant us Mummie's have a sick day or call in sick?! It's just not fair :(

Having one of them bleehh days where I feel like doing absolutely nothing. I think I might be coming down with something as I woke up with almost every muscle in my body aching and a very sore back.

I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning but of course when you have kids there is no such thing as staying in bed. So instead I got up and fed them their breakfast and then popped them into the bath. When they were finished in their very bubbly bath they were in the mood for some kids shows, so I put their tv on for them.

I then got into a cooking mood for some strange reason cooking us chicken burgers for lunch and then some duck rice paper rolls (which were very yummy.)
I wasn’t finished there either, I slow cooked a soup which my Nonna taught me to cook, it is a great Winter soup that gets your tummy nice and full.
All you do is add in some chicken bones, beef bones, carrots, celery and a Vegeta. You then slow cook it for 3-4 hours and your done, it is ready to go. I cook a big pot and make about 5 batches worth and pop them in the freezer.

As I am sitting here on the couch after my bath, all my eyes want to do is close. They are very dry and quite sore as well. This is very strange for me as I will usually sit up until late getting some reviews and blogging done, but tonight I am struggling to even make it to 6pm.

All I can say is thank God my partner is home for a week, so luckily I have been able to take it a little easier.

Im thinking after dinner I might snuggle up with my heat bag and a nice hot cup of chamomile tea!!

Hoping for a sleep in tomorrow… Although being a mum, that is no longer an option.