Charlie And Me Clothing

Charlie & Me is a really cute clothing label for the little ones. They cover a range of sizes for babies but also the bigger boys and girl. Charlie & Me also have great sales on all the time.
You can buy their clothing both online or they do have a limited number of stores around. The closest store to me was Highpoint, so I decided to give the online shopping a run for its money. But if you wanted to find a store near you, just head to

I placed an order for a really cute top, which was the Lime Autumn brights. It is a beautiful singlet type top with a really pretty lace like detail on the upper part. I bought this top as I just love the fluro colours on little kids at the moment.

My order was placed on the 14/02 in the morning, and I received my package straight to the doorstep on the 18/02. I was so surprised how quickly my package had arrived being only three days. They must be super quick in that department, as they would have to get the order put together and also sent out to me along with my invoice.

Charlie & Me’s range is also very inexpensive and wont put your pocket in debt. I could very easily buy an outfit on their site for $50, and I am talking a complete outfit that’s in fashion right now.

You will not be disappointed in the quality of material and that either, its not cheap and wont fall apart after 3-4 washes.
If only I had known about this store earlier I would have got all my daughter’s newbie clothes from here as their baby range has to be the cutest I have seen.
Some of their clothes I wish came in a larger size that would fit me; as I would dead set wear some of them!! Real little clothes for real little people J