benefit Stay Don't Stray eye primer

Words can’t explain the love I have for a certain brand, and that brand is benefit.
So when I found out that they have brought a new product out on the market, it was a must for me to try.
This product was the:
Stay Don’t Stray eye primer
RRP $45.00
For me I thought using an all over face primer would do the job for my eyes. But I was very wrong, after using the Stay Don’t Stray eye primerI noticed a massive difference with how long my eyes stayed flawless for. I could even make an el cheapo shadow from a $2.00 shop last the day through without a problem.
When applying to your eyes it also saves you having to use any concealer as this doubles as one. I applied this to my eyes and was so surprised at how well it concealed my mummy panda eyes and made me look like I had a 12hr non-interrupted sleep.
The Stay Don’t Stray eye primer comes in a medium/deep and also the light/medium (which is what I used.)

All you have to do to use this product is pump a small amount onto the back of your hand. benefit recommend that you apply 3 tiny dots under yours eyes with your fingertip and blend in nicely. Then they suggest that you apply 3 dots on your eyelid and blend. Let that set and then apply concealers and eyeshadow. But as I have show in this below image, this product works perfectly fine as a concealer and is even strong enough to hide my heavy dark tattoo.  
A little bit really does go a long way, so this tube will be lasting me probably the year through I would have to say (that is just a guess-timate.)
You can purchase this product from Myer J so it is super easy to get your hands on!!