Nivea Invisible

Wowie, here in Melbourne you would think it was still Summer not Autumn. I haven’t even had to make a wardrobe change yet, which is unheard of for Autumn. If this isn’t proof of global warming then I am not sure what it.
Yesterday it hit 36 hot stinking degrees, I didn’t want to leave the house.
I have also had a few problems finding a anti-perspirant that actually works in this scorching heat. I have tried multiple different ones, from very expensive to the cheap and nasty sting your underarm kinda ones.

But then I was introduced the..
NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Deodorant
RRP: $3.79 - $6.59
This deodorant is my savior, as a lot of the times I like to wear white. My uniform at work requires a plain white long sleeved shirt, and I always wondered how I got them hideous white circles under there. I thought it may have actually been my sweat, never once did I think it was actually the deodorant I was using. Nivea’s Invisible formula eliminates the yellow stains and also protects your black clothing from the white deo marks.

The improved formula ensures you are even more protected from sweat and odour with 48 hours of protection, while keeping your black and white clothes residue free for longer. 
Although I have not met a person who hasn’t showered within 48hrs, so pretty much this will get you through the time in between showers.
I love using this deodorant after my night shower before going to bed, as when you sleep you tend to sweat the most. So when I wake up in the morning I already smell fresh and pretty before jumping into the shower again haha.

I will say it doesn’t stop you sweating completely, but when you do get that teenie weenie bit it smells pretty rather then pongy.

This range is already on shelves as we speak and can be found at a wide range of retailers, but with a slight difference. Nivea will now have a brand new fresh and funky design with the NEW round Nivea logo which will be put onto all new and even old Nivea products.