Sunbeam Juicer

I don't think I will ever be buying juices off the shelves anymore.. I was sent the Sunbeam juicer for review (if only it was for keeps ;-) ) and now I have been given the chance to make and create my own juices just the way I want to, I am in love.

In the hot weather I don't get much of an appetite and I would much prefer to drink my breakfast or lunch rather then have three solid meals, not to mention cooking in the heat and making my house hotter.
Waking up in the mornings and being able to throw your own fruit in the juicer and drinking the juice is just so fantastic. And for the first time in forever, I truly do know everything that is going into the juice I pop into my kids little bellies.

None of the junk goes into the juice either with its really nifty design there is a little catcher that grabs all the pips, skin and even rind. So it makes sure that juice is all natural, yummy and sweet. I know this picture looks really messy, but the whole machine is really easy to clean. You don't even really need to use detergent the fruit simple rinses away, but I'm obsessive compulsive and have to use bubbles on everything in the kitchen.

For the first batch of juice we made, we used just plain old oranges. W didn't buy anything special, just a bag from our local supermarket. I was actually super surprised at how sweet this juice turned out, so much so that I was able to water it down a little and it still tasted fantastic. 

The second juice I made was a litre mix of any fruit I had in the fridge.
So to this juice I added a banana- I know you may be thinking a banana has no juice, but if you juice it first the banana much will sit in the strainer and infuse itself with the other juices that pass by. I was surprised at how much of a difference it actually made for the better. 
Then I also added in 8 pink lady apples, a punnet of strawberries and 2 oranges. 
This juice didn't just taste fanatics tic when it came out of the juicer it s like a milkshake swirl, I didn't want to pour it out of the jug it was that pretty haha!!

I was sent this for a two week loan, and in this two weeks I have fallen in love so much so that Mr Matthew will be going down to the shops this afternoon to go and buy one. They are on special at Target for only $50 (or around that mark any way.) ... Turns out the sale has finished :( SO bummed

This is also a great way to get the kids involved in healthy eating and drinking, as they can help pop the fruit in (of course wit you standing and helping the entire time!!) 

RRP is $179

    Whole fruit & vegetable juice extractor
    Excellent juice yields
    Save time with the whole fruit & vegetable chute
    Juice over 1kg of fruit & vegetables
    Quality stainless steel blades and mesh filter
    Two speed control for juicing hard and soft fruit & vegetables
    Bonus juice jug
    Safety locking arms
    Cord wrap
    Non-slip feet

Sunbeam is stocked in all major retailers. Just to include a few big name retailers: The Good Guys, David Jones and/or Myer stores nationally. 

I've already hinted to Matt that I would love breakfast made in bed for my birthday next week :-p

Customer Care Number: Tel: 1300 881 861