Illamasqua- I'mperfection range

I have now found my Easter nails!!! As soon as I saw this polish it screamed SPECKLED EGGS to me. I remember about a year ago I was sitting there scoffing half a bag of Cadbury's Speckled eggs down. I was thinking to myself how cool would it be to have nails like this, so that night I painted a layer of blue on my nails and then put spots of black on it with another polish and finished it off with another opaque light blue. But this was a very lengthy time consuming way of doing these nails, so when I saw this I was jumping in excitement. 

These are apart of the I'mperfection collection
Inspired by the fragility and beauty of irregular markings upon bird eggs, for Spring we introduce a new, limited edition speckled finish to our award-winning Nail Varnish formula.
FRECKLE – Specked soft neutral FRAGILE- Speckled soft blue MOTTLE – Specked soft green SCARCE- Speckled soft pink SPECKLE- Speckled soft lilac

And when I painted my nails I was so happy with the end result, they were so speckled and cute and wasn't a full on colour. Having subtle nails makes it so easy to match just about any outfit with them.
They are also very durable and lasted me over 3 days, and that was cleaning my house and all the mummy type of chores with only just a few tiny chips.
They’re so durable that it took me a foil, cotton wool and acetone wrap to get them off. And even then I had to scratch off a couple of the speckles that were left. 

The thing that gives these polishes that specked appearance, is three different sized and shaped foil type particle through out the polish.

I love this polish and have got me super excited for Easter; I really want to try Speckle, which is the purple shade. With these polishes I have also paired them with plain nail colours and even put them over top of some darker colours to mix It up a little.

Fragile is a blue robin egg colour.

Fragile is a light pink speckled egg colour.