Lovisa jewels 

Sometimes when I am going out I want to dress up my outfit with a little bling and jewels here and there.. But I don't want to break the budget and go all out on something I will probably wear a handful of times. 
So this is where them cheapie stores come in handy like Diva, but the only problem with that kind of thing is you only get to wear it once as it starts to fade or just breaks. 
So this is where Lovisa meets in the middle, they don't cut on quality but keep their prices down so they don't break your budget. 
They also have some really good sales on from time to time and their pieces really are up to date with the latest fashion trends. 

I was given a few beautiful pieces from Lovisa to wear to this year Lmff, and I loved them so much I couldn't wait!! I have already worn them to an engagement, a launch and now I will be holding back from wearing the until the Lmff arrives.. Which isn't to long now. 

My favourite item is the 3-piece ring with three different coloured stones. You can just wear one or even a couple on different fingers or if you are like me you can wear the lot on one finger ;-) unlike the rings I buy from Diva or cheapy shops this doesn't leave a hideous grey black stain on my skin.

Some of the other pieces I was sent were a great gold thick chain with a maroon/ red jelly side, which I really love and have had so many compliments when wearing it. I was also given a matching bracelet, which is identical to the necklace chain. They make a great combo and compliment any outfit. They are also great to use to colour clash your outfit.

The last piece I was sent is a super cute gold chain necklace with some super cute charms across the front. This piece to me looks very vintage and is old school. The chain is a short chain, so clings nicely to your neck showing off them collar bones. I was asked at the engagement party where on earth I bought this necklace. When I told them it was from Lovisa, they had never even heard of it. So I explained it to them a little more and then typed it in their phone to follow up when they got home, that's how intrigued they were.

I will be making sure I have my Lovisa items stocked up for this Autumn/Winter season. They are so affordable and beautiful how could I resist growing my tiny collection. 

A little bit of background on Lovisa ::

After launching our first retail store in April 2010, Lovisa can now be found in 6 countries throughout the world with over 180 stores. We have become a first stop shop for the fashion forward to get their on-trend accessories fix.

Lovisa was created out of a need for current fashion jewellery at an accessible price point. Our trend-spotting department in London take inspiration from high fashion couture runways and current street style. The keen-eyed design team at Lovisa Australia uses a wide range of materials and expert finishing techniques to deliver fashion forward designer jewellery and hair accessories.

You can also buy their lovely pieces online and they even have a sale section: