I was lucky enough to be able to head into Aromababy’s office around the corner from home and meet the amazing Catherine Cervasio.
The moment I entered the office my nose was filled with the beautiful natural aromas of the Aromababy range.

I was actually amazed to see how many different products there were in the Aromababy range. My kids were instantly drawn to the super sweet Aromababy teddy bears (which would make for a really good baby shower gift.)

Catherine also knows what she is talking about and gave me some really good insight on what her brand and products are all about.. Her boys should be super proud of her as she has achieved a lot in her life and created a really amazing brand.

I was sent away with a really clever gift bag focusing on baby bath time, not only is this a relaxing time for baby it also should be for mummy to.

This organic, natural milk-free bath powder has been formulated for those unable to tolerate milk powder products. Containing pure certified organic oatmeal, organic lavender flowers and a blend of certified organic pure essential oils beneficial to the skin, this powder helps to soften and soothe dry, irritated skin and is perfect postnatally for Mum.

Now not only do I love this product for the kids I also love it myself!!
Just putting a few teaspoons into the little mesh bag provided and popping it in your bath will take you to a much more relaxing space. Then all that is left to do is close your eyes lay back and take in the peace and serenity.
I also found that this really relaxed and soothed Madison before going to bed, making bed time all that much easier for me!! It also adds a beautiful milk look to the bath, which I think Is really pretty. You can also control how much you pop in the bath, which I think is a great idea, especially for Hayley who has sensitive skin.
I love the size of the tub that this product comes in and will last me at least half a year for both the girls and myself.

Use this pure and gentle, sulphate-free cleansing gel for bathing babies and children. Certified organic pure essential oils of French lavender and German chamomile work together to relax baby and help soothe and care for delicate skin. Added certified gmo free natural vitamin e, ensures this product provides effective moisturising whilst you wash.

This bath gel smells divine, it also leaves my kids skin smelling great!! I mainly use this on my daughter Hayley (5yo) who loves her showers and hate using a bar of soap to clean herself as she is always dropping it and getting really frustrated.
For her all I do is give her a little face washer and pump one squirt onto the face washer. Hayley will then work it into her body washing all over, just this one squirt washes her entire body. It can also be used in the hair if you really wanted to, as it is gentle enough and will leave their locks smelling beautiful.
I have also used this bath gel in the shower as well, so it isn’t just for the kids and can work on the big kids and entire family to. I love using this bath gel as my skin literally glows afterwards, as it doesn’t strip my skin dry.

This gentle, low-sudsing formula provides a mild cleansing action without stripping away the natural, protective oils from Baby’s hair and scalp. Certified organic geranium and sweet orange pure essential oils help to combat scalp dryness, leaving behind a delightful fresh aroma. To help eliminate cradle cap, follow up with a gentle massage to the scalp using our Mother and Child oil (for newer babies) or a small amount of Barrier Balm. Leave in overnight and lightly brush Baby’s hair the next morning to remove any loosened particles. This is an ideal shampoo for those with sensitive scalps and an excellent shower gel for the entire family.

Sometimes I find with certain hair washes and shampoo’s that my little ladies hair end up knotty and literally squeaky clean (which is a pain to brush, literally.) I think this is because even though they are baby shampoo’s and cleanses they are still a little to harsh and strip away all the good stuff where as this gently washes away the gunk without harming the good natural oil in bubs hair. After I used this on Hayley’s (5yo) hair she was left with silky, soft, shiny locks that smelt really good.
There also isn’t a lot of bubbles and you really have to gently work it into your child’s head. And I found because there isn’t a lot of bubbles, it is so much quicker to wash out and doesn’t sting my girls eyes.

PURE BABY™ WASH* for Newborns 150ml
A superb top-to-toe wash for newborns and premature babies, formulated without any drying sulphates. Rest assured this extra-gentle cleanser is also Aroma-Free™ (has NO essential oils). Research in UK has found water or Aroma-Free™ product may be best for newborns for at least the first several weeks of life. Instead pure certified organic rosehip oil has been used to care for even the most delicate skin. Add a small amount to warm bath water and agitate to disperse. Gently towel dry baby and finish with your favourite Aromababy moisturising product.

This is my favourite product to use on Hayley, who suffers from sensitive skin. From time to time Madison will also get very sensitive skin and using harsh things on their skin can set it off. But with Hayley when she gets bad, something as small as essential oils will set her skin on fire and she will break out in a rash.
When it comes time to adding another to my family I will be sure to have plenty of this stocked up. I do believe it is important to wash a newborn, but at the same time I am so scared of what is going on to their skin. But this is so delicate and natural I am more then happy to use this. It doesn’t have a smell, which is a good start as I often find as soon as I can smell something in a wash I know it is bad news for Hayley and will often not even use it as it just isn’t worth the risk and pain.
I will always makes sure there is some of pure baby wash in our bathroom that is for sure!!

(with Organic LAVENDER) 125GM
This natural cornstarch powder is completely talc free and contains only certified organic, pure essential oil of lavender to soothe Baby’s skin and refresh the nappy area. Use at nappy change times and after bathing Baby. Thoroughly cleanse the nappy area and apply a small amount of the appropriate.

I know there is a lot of confusion now days with not being able to use baby powder as it can harm the babies lungs and is unsafe. But that only applies to talc, there are plenty of other SAFE natural powders on the market. Aromababy has made one of the natural powders, made out of cornstarch which is actually edible. I wouldn’t say try eat it for yourself as it wouldn’t taste pleasant with the lavender oil infused into it. Speaking of Lavender, I love the light aroma this gives off when I use it on my little ones. Hayley loves using all over her body to help her dry off completely after a bath (especially on her feet to help her dry in between them toes.)
I also use this on Madison (2yo) at nappy change time to absorb some of the moisture from her poor wet bum. It makes nappy change so much pleasant though, because when it comes to the next change it actually smells pretty not pongy (unless it is a poop, nothing can help that smell.)
I have actually used this myself from time to time to make myself smell beautiful.