Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Yesterday was a day full of Easter fun and loads of chocolate, it was our first real Good Friday outing. Usually you would find our family at home sitting in front of the Good Friday Appeal on the TV. So this Good Friday we decided to put our little donation in while giving the girls a great day out and attending the Cadbury Good Friday Easter Egg hunt, which was at the Werribee Mansion. All profits and tickets sales go directly towards the Good Friday Appeal, which I think is a fantastic effort from Cadbury. You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful back drop then having the mansion right there.

When we arrived it was about 9:40am and the park was already starting to fill very quickly. So we decided to fit in some rides before the first hunt to beat the lines. And gosh we are lucky we did, because at about 11am the lines were more then 20 people long and the waits were very long. And with a young family like ours, the kids didn’t like to stay still and wait for very long.

Now as for the hunts I think it is a great idea what they have done. Cadbury has made it so that each child gets a fair, SAFE go by making each hunt an age group. So our youngest Madison went in the 10:30 hunt, but because she was young and so were a lot of other kids there was aloud to be a family member with the child. There were three pens all with different colours. Cadbury had made a red pen, blue pen and even a yellow pen.

Basically the “Cadbury Oompa Loompas” throw out three to four massive boxes worth of small Cadbury hunting eggs onto the lawn and let the kids go wild, filling up there little Cadbury Buckets.

This was the first year that we had attended anything like this and had no idea what we were up for. So we didn’t really bring anything and now were a little disappointed we didn’t. Every second person had packed picnics and even brought little marquees. So we have vowed to come next year, with a picnic basket in hand and picnic rug to.

I was so worried about the weather earlier in the week as rain was forecast for every day around Friday, but Mother Nature pulled it off with a perfect sunny day. I would not say it was hot but it definitely wasn’t cold.

With lots of entertainment there was always something to do. We sat down in front of the stage and watched Tom and Jerry hit the stage and even Yogi Bear. I love that all the old characters that I watched as a youngen are making a come back now, its great. There was also a FREE hot chocolate bar thanks to smooth fm and also Cadbury. At this stall your kiddies could also get their faces painted while their parents sat on big comfy chairs sipping on the hot chocolate. The Easter Egg hunt also wasn't short of food, there were loads of sandwiches and even the normal chips and burgers. 

It was a bit of a shame though, we had to leave early as we had two very tired girls who had eaten too much chocolate and were getting very grumpy. But no matter when the girls would not let go of their buckets that were full of chocolate, not even in the car. My youngest Madison even fell asleep with it in the middle of her legs in the drive home.

I love this event and was very lucky to be able to attend The Cadbury Easter Egg hunt at Werribee Mansion. My partner and I have spoken about it and we will be making this a yearly thing now.

The event is the largest Easter egg hunt in Australia. Proceeds go directly to the Good Friday Appeal which benefits children and families at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Since its inception in 2001 the hunt has raised more than $822,000 for this extremely valuable cause. So if next year you don't have anything to do, I would highly recommend this event for the entire family.