POWDER.PUFF rrp- $35.95
Add volume to your style with the KEVIN.MURPHY POWDER.PUFF containing revolutionary metamorphosis technology to leave the hair texturised, weightless, residue-free and full of volume. Combining extracts of apple, plum, cranberry and citrus, the volumising powder morphs into a paste and becomes invisible, providing plenty of volume and support without any visible residue.
These texture and volumising powders are the new dry shampoo of the industry.

I was a little skeptical at first of this product and weather or not it would actually work. Also there was a little part of me that was scared that this product would make my roots look grey, or like I had some mighty bad dandruff. But instead when I put the product on my hair it turned into more of a liquid then a solid and just bonded with my hair. There was no need for the hair dryer or anything, it kind of just worked it magic all by itself..
The actual smell of the product isn’t very nice and has almost no smell at all, but then again I have used another brand, which does the same thing, and it smelt exactly the same. The smell isn’t unpleasant or anything it just doesn’t smell fresh and clean like the other KEVIN. MURPHY products that’s all.
The product itself does work wonders on my hair and gave it heaps of volume, and texture. It also assisted me in styling my hair the way I wanted as it stayed where I wanted it to.  The POWDER.PUFF is also great for when you want to tease your hair as it gives it almost that little bit of grip to be able to stay in place without loads of product and hair spray.
Another really great thing is the attention to detail when it comes to packaging, which KEVIN.MURPHY is known for. It’s a cute little bottle as shown in a baby pink shade, and where the product actually comes out instead of plain dots KEVIN.MURPHY has put lots of tiny holes in the shape of a smiley face J I have tried to take a photo of it, but I am not sure you can make it out.
This will be a product I will continue to use and love. A little bit goes a long way, and this little bottle will last me half a year (that’s using it everyday as well.)
To use, simply shake a tiny amount onto dry hair and massage with your fingers.