Pure Poppet

Why should make up fun just be for adults? I can't remember how many times my Hayley bum who is 5 stands there watching every little thing I do with my make up. Or wishes she could be apart of my product reviews. 
I have just started painting her nails, and she absolutely adores it and shows them off like they are going out of fashion :-) it really is cute.

So when this little package arrived at the door I was so excited to show her what was in it. And when I did show her she thought it was Christmas again, and the first thing she said to me was " Now I can be like you Mummy!" When she says things like this it really melts my heart and brings a flutter to my tummy. This package contained the: 

Pure Poppet Natural Play Makeup Set
RRP- $24.95

It comes in a super cutely presented cotton bag which has a clear section at the front and another zipped section up the top for more storage. 

Inside it contains: 
3 brightly coloured coloured mineral powder eye shadows (blue,green and a yellow cream colour.) These can also have water added to them to create a face paint.
1 delicious and natural lip balm stick
A floral water spray to give them a little smell :--) 
Plus cute soft applicators to help them apply their own makeup.

The spray is almost a aromatherapy type spray and has a real lemon and lavender smell to it, very natural and very safe.

The lip balm that was in this kit is a creamy chocolate natural balm, and let me tell you I almost want to borrow this all the time. It has a real chocolate smell and you just want to eat your lips, I love it when Hails wears it. It doesn't have a taste as well which is great as it gets the longest wear time on Hayley's lips, if it had any flavour I think she would constantly be licking it straight off her lips.

The colours of the shadow look very bright and full on in the jars, but when actually applied they go on light and very glittery. They are also very easy to clean off your child's face when need be. My daughter is yet to use these as a face paint she likes them to much as an eyeshadow, so I don't think water will be coming in contact with them anytime soon. 

My daughter loves this little pack and I would be happy to buy any little girl something like this as a present. It is also a great piece of mind knowing that all the products in the Pure Poppet pack are natural and very safe. Pure Poppet is free from Ferric Forrocyanide, artificial dyes, FD&C colours, talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, mineral oil (and its derivatives) and paraben preservatives.