ELES has done it again for me!!


Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15
RRP- $66.50 AU
This is the fluid version of mineral-powder foundation. This innovative liquid formula, fortified with our exclusive Multi-Mineral Complex, glides on velvety smooth...sets to a soft-powder finish. ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation provides the sunscreen and anti-oxidant protection that ultrasensitive skin needs. Micro diffusers keep skin looking flawless. It is hypoallergenic and oil-free.
This is like mousse for the face, the texture is one of a kind. It is so soft and silky to apply and really left my face flawless.
It also with stood the heat and on a 30 odd degree day, my face was still left looking matte and untouched there was no oiliness to it what so ever.
I only needed a tiny little blob just a bit smaller then a 5 cent piece, and that did my entire face comfortably.
It stays on your face for at least a good 8-12 hours but when it comes to washing it off, its so easy and can be done with a simple facial wash rather then a stronger make up remover.
I will be having this bad boy stocked up in my make up draws, as I love it so much and is right up there in my favourite cosmetic products of all time (and thats a pretty big compliment as I have some really massive name products in my collection.)

Brow Blender Pencil
RRP- $42.00
All-in-one ELES Browblender pencil creates soft, natural looking colour. The cap has built-in brush for blending and shaping.
This was the first time I had actually ever used a brow penicil, I have been telling myself for about a year now I will have to try them out but I have never actually got around to it!!
But I am so glad that I didnt have to play around with a couple of different brands until I found one that I love. Thanks to Eles Cosmetics my brows are very defined and look much more full.
There are 3 different shades as well, which is good for different coloured brows. I used the dark Taupe as I have quite dark brows now, and it suited me perfectly, you could hardly even tell I had any brow pencil on.
I also love that on the opposite end of the applicator there is a really nifty brow brush, which is really gentle and puts them cheeky hairs back to where they belong.
One thing I was really scared of when using a brow pencil though is the thought of accidentally rubbing my eyes/brows and smudging the pencil all over my face, or distorting my brows and making me look terrible. But this never happened with the Eles Brow Blender, they have used a formula that is almost waterproof once set.. Although I wouldnt recommend going into the water with it on as you never know how youll end up after it.
I love Eles Products and my mission in life is to fill my draws with Eles, I might have to ask Matt for some treats for my birthday next week J