Love Those Lashes Salon Experience

I finally made it into the Love Those Lashes salon in Kew. I was amazed straight away at the design and layout of just the reception area. Above me was a beautiful crystal chandelier, there were also oversized mirrors and an over sized clock. It was really glam and made you feel like a princess right away.
Then there was the staff, they were more then welcoming and very friendly, they made you feel right at home.

Because this was my first time I had to fill out a little short form with all my details and also the look I wanted to achieve with my appointment. I wanted a glam but natural kind of look, which I didn’t think was achievable really. I had actually talked myself out of them being done because my sister had a bad experience at them really cheap Asian Salons where the ladies there rushed through and got the glue in my sisters eye I was so petrified of this happening to me.

When I was called in to have my lashes done I was taken into a room where I was asked to lay on a comfy bed and then had a blanket popped over me. I didn’t realise it until having my lashes done that there was also some very relaxing sounds and music going on in the background (like those you would hear in a relaxation session.)

The actual application of my lashes only took about 1 and quarter hours to complete. The hardest part for me was trying to keep my eyes closed for the whole time, no matter what I did they just wanted to open. But after about 20 minutes in my body and eyes started to relax. If I didn’t chat the poor girls ear off that was doing my lashes I could have easily have fallen asleep.

The lashes I had applied were the:

Love Those Lashes SILK EYELASH EXTENSIONS are the softest synthetic eyelash extensions available. Designed to give a dramatic look, they are popular with woman of all ages and abolish the need for mascara.

The Love Those Lashes SILK EYELASH EXTENSIONS have been treated twice to give the lash a supple, flexible and glossy shine. The shaft of the lash is thicker at one end with a gradual finer end to mimic natural lashes. The Love Those Lashes SILK EYELASH EXTENSIONS are made from the finest synthetic materials.

To have these applied to your eyes a full set will cost $210.00 do get done initially but then to have them refilled every two weeks it will only cost $25.00.

The ladies in there are just so gentle and careful when applying your lashes, you will love the whole experience I know I did. The only thing your not aloud to do afterwards is let any fluid to them, which means no exercise, no baths or showers, no swimming and anything along them lines for 8 hours. So I would recommend having your shower or bath before going in to have them done.

When my lashes were done I was so amazed at the difference it made to my face. I didn’t believe it when they told me I wouldn’t need mascara anymore But now I am a believer and have not put mascara on once since having them applied.
I went out to an engagement the night after having these done, and I didn’t even wear mascara then as the look would have been to dramatic and probably a little over the top.

I now love my lashes and have a feeling I may now be addicted I suppose its one of the better things in life to be addicted to J