Karpati Blemish Control Cover Up

Karpati has many different ranges like hair removal, natural hair care, nail care, Medispa and the Bio Intelligent Range.

I was lucky enough to try some of their new products from the Bio Intelligent range and I loved them very much.

The two products I tried was the Blemish Control Cover up in both Medium and Light. It is basically a heavy-duty concealer, which really hides up them spots and dots with ease.
To achieve my skin tone I mix the both of these products together as the medium is to dark and the light is to light.  But I could probably use the light under my eyes and then blend it in with my foundation a little more I suppose.  I really love the coverage you get with this product and literally only need a small dot to cover up them blemishes.
I like to apply this with a small makeup brush (like a foundation brush, only smaller.) As I find if I use my hands they soak up a lot of the product rather then going on my face.
I will be using this product more often on when my makeup face goes on J