OPI Modern Family

A couple of my two favourite things have come together and made a little collaboration. One is a TV show and one is a nail polish, these two are Modern Family and O.P.I!! There are 14 different shades to this collection and I really want them all. In the collection there isn't a colour I wouldn't wear, they all look amazing.

I was given 4 different shades from this collection, they are not the normal O.P.I but the Nicole by OPI (which to me there is no difference, especially in the quality front.) 

I have worn each and everyone of these colours multiple times, and they stay to my fingers perfectly. By the time I am ready to change colour (which is pretty much every second day) they look as good as the day I put them on.

The colours I was sent to swatch and road test are the: 

Candid Cameron- which is a pearlescent deep green/blue colour. This is really pretty as it changes in different light. But when it hits the sun your nails instantly bling as there is fine glitter type particles through it that just perfectly catch the sunlight.

She's Lily Something- which is an opaque pink base filled with a few different shapes of glitter, which include cute little stars. I love layering about three layers on my nails just by itself. This polish also goes really great over any shade of purple, pink, white and anything you want to pair with it really.

Stand by your Manny- which is a lighter shade of blue with a glittery tinge to it. This is not a strong glitter effect though it very light and catches the light softly giving you a little bling. I am not sure if it is because I just love Manny or if this colour is beautiful but this one is my favourite of the 4!!

Alex by the books- which is a mint green. It's crossed between a mint green and the kind of blue green colour you see with Tiffany and Co. I actually wouldn't mind doing a little comparison with this and Tiffany to see how much of a difference there really is. I do love this colour and it is enough to brighten up any outfit. It is also a very thick colour, so after the first layer your good to go but a second layer makes it flawless.

God I love my O.P.I and will make sure I set myself a little task of wearing a new polish colour from O.P.I each and every day, but first I have to grow my collection quite a bit!!

Now I know I am not a hand model or anything like that, what you see are hands of an everyday mummy!! So I do apologise if my nails aren’t cm’s long and my hands don’t look like those you would usually see in swatching.