Attacknid- Combat Creatures

I was a very lucky ducky and was invited to attend the Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair.
Here is where I met the amazing people of Modern Toys and was able to explore their stall. It was a fabulous maze of great named Brands and amazing toys.

I was also able to test-drive the awesome new Attacknid, the first NEW combat Creature range of battling robots. Which was actually launched at the Toy Fair, so I felt extremely lucky to be one of the first people to have a play.
The Attacknid also took out the award for “Popular Science Best of the Toy Fair 2013 Award.”

The moment I laid my hand on the remote, it was almost a battle to get it out of my hands. It was so much fun being able to blast away safely at the other combat creature, watching its leg armour fly off with every hit. I could only imagine the fun I would have with this bad boy at home!!

It was also an amazing privilege to speak to Richard North who is the CEO and I believe creator of this action packed toy. He also gave us a cute little demonstration; it was so good to see the passion in his eyes and even the way he spoke. This toy was hes little baby and didn’t leave hes arm once… until I snuck in a little photo with his prized possession.

One interesting and almost fun little piece of info he gave me was that he actually invited hacker to hack into his machine, so much so that he has popped a smiley face on the inside near the hardwire (brain) of the Attacknid. After all this is the way that Richard will be able to develop this toy more and be able to bring out bigger and better things.

I know if I was a kid again and I received this as a present I would be over the moon.

It is so easy to control; the remote is made very simple and easy and can be played with for many hours. I do believe it is also one of the only all terrain toys that are actually true to their name. It is waterproof up to 3 inches on the legs, so you can have fun in puddles. It is also very lightweight and can easily be put through all terrains (perfect for them camping trips.)

I love this toy and had so much fun!!!
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