Halo Satin Styler is MY halo!!

Halo Satin Styler
RRP $239.95
Incorporating Kyocera Japanese Ceramic Heater Technology to ensure rapid heating adjustable between 100 and 210 Degrees Celsius, the styler allows complete styling versatility suitable for every hair type.
Manufactured in Korea by one of the world's leading advanced hair styler makers, the Halo Satin Styler has been designed to be built using only the highest quality components and technology from around the world.
After using this straightener my hair almost looks good enough to put a Halo on my head.. I wont say exactly what brand (but I am pretty sure everyone out there knows which one it is) was the best on the market and could not be beaten. Well I can now officially hang my head in shame, as I was very wrong. This hair iron has now topped the cake and even popped a cherry on top.
It heats up super quick, so there is no waiting around until the iron warms up. And once it is heated up in less then a minute the iron makes a beeping noise to let you know your ready to go.
Not only can you straighten your hair with this iron you can also create cute curls and flicks to. But I have never achieved straight hair like what I get when using the Halo Satin Styler at home.
I can’t wait to see Halo bring out ones with colour and limited edition ones, I will be sure to buy one. I am already saving up my pennies to buy one of these babies as I fell in love that hard. I was sent this as a loan to get a feel and see what it is all about.
I have used the Halo Satin Styler over a dozen times already and my hair is still as healthy as ever. Of course I would never put any source of heat straight on my hair and always use protective products on it, to ensure my hair doesn’t get burn and split ends.
My hair also never got stuck and pulled in the plates as they are designed with a ceramic pinch-free floating plates that are cradled in a thermal conductive casing, this creates the best surface for creative styling.
I am wondering if I kept pestering my partner he would get the picture and just buy one for me (wishful thinking at its finest.)
I did use this to straighten my hair for the MIMCO show which was apart of the LMFF, and I had a couple of compliments on how straight and healthy my hair was. I was actually even asked if I had hair extensions in… which I certainly don’t, I have never even touched hair extensions let alone put them in my hair. It has taken me a very long time to get my hair this healthy and long, so I am very careful with what goes in my hair and what I use on it. But I am more then happy to use the Halo Satin Styler every single time.
If you want to get your hands on one of these they can be bought at Hairhouse Warehouse or even online at:
So I think I better get saving ;-)