LeapFrog Farm Mash Up

Farm Mash Up RRP $29.99
12-36 months

Farm Mash Up teaches your little one to create silly animals for endless musical fun whilst learning about colours, animal sounds
and facts, as they mix and match. With three ways of learning by touch, sound and sight Farm Mash Up provides hours of learning fun facts, baby animal names, and colours with each animal match.

This toy is really cute and comes with me now almost everywhere. When my daughter Madison was younger she used to love the car and always want to be in it. Now she will stand at the front door asking for car, but when we actually put her in the car 8 times out of 10 she will just cry and want everything she cant have. So now I take the Farm Mash Up with me and she will sit there matching and mixing away in her seat, nice and quite.

The LeapFrog Farm Mash Up is really easy to take anywhere as it has a lid, which pops off easily and stores all the animal halves in there. There is also a handle so the little ones and even you can carry it around easily.

This game basically consists of many different animals that have been split into half. The aim of this is to try and get your little one to match the right halves together. But even if they dont and just want to have a little fun with it and make pig dogs and duck sheep they can. Once your child has put two pieces in the top the little speaker will tell you the colours of each animal in there and if it is a match the voice will sing a cute catchy little song.

My eldest daughter who is turning 5 in a few months even has fun with this learning toy, but she is more for making funny matches and creating her own species of animal’s haha!!
This is a great learning toy and I know my daughters fully approve of it as well. The Farm Mash Up is also very affordable and will give your children hours of fun; I know it did for mine.