Np Set

I set myself a task of going away for the weekend and not having to pack an entire bag just for my makeup and toiletries. 

Now I am very proud to say this time around the toiletries took up the most space in my bag. I set myself this task as I will be going away to Queensland in a few months and want to pack as little as I possibly can, to make room for souvenirs and stuff to come back with us ;-)
I went away (with the help of NP set of course.)  With just 5 beauty products, and yet was able to create 3 totally different looks. Ok I did cheat slightly with one of the products, as it was a palette with almost everything I needed right there, which will actually kick off my little review :-) 

NP Set Gorgeous-To-Go Palette (RRP $35) 

"All you need for glamour on the go! Looking for a truly versatile makeup palette? Gorgeous-To-Go packs in the perfect edit of 17 on-trend shades for eyes, lips and cheeks and comes with handy mini applicators".

Well well well, a genius has brought a product worth any girl with a passion for make up, and that is this amazing Gorgeous-to-go palette. I like to pack lightly now when I go away or travel anywhere as the kids take up a lot of space and bags. 
This is a really great palette and one that I will be taking with me to a lot of places. The colours of the shadows are amazing and can be mixed and matched together nicely, to suit just about any look you are going for. The colours of the shadow also stay where they are meant to as well, when I apply it in the morning it is still there by 4-5pm. There are 12 different shades of shadows, from gold to white and almost anything in between.
Then on the second level there is a pink blush and what looks like a bronzer, there is also three different lip shades there to. And lastly they also include three little cute mini brushes. .  One being a lip brush, the second is a double ended shadow sponge and lastly there is the cheek brush. Oh and I almost forgot the large sized mirror that is built into the second level.
I love this palette it is my handbags new best friend, the only thing I am scared of is the shadow breaking and going everywhere. 

 To the left is a swatch of the lip colours.

NP Set Ready Set Loose Powder (RRP $28) 
"This skin-perfecting, translucent loose powder helps get your foundation through the day. The super-fine, mineral-based formula blends into skin beautifully and removes unwanted shine". 

This is a fantastic product to finish off my makeup look, and giving it that perfect glowing matte finish. I also use this just by itself sometimes on top of my facial moisturiser why I can't be bothered wearing foundation or want to give my skin a little break. This powder comes with a little NP set puffer sponge to apply the powder on your skin. There is also a mirror built into the lid, which doesn't fog up and is really clear. I love how my skin feels once using this product and often keep touching my face amazed by the finish.

NP Set It Takes Two Concealer and Foundation Pot (RRP $38) 
"A dual-purpose skin saver that creates a flawless complexion in just two steps. The foundation formula boasts Soy Extract to help boost skin suppleness. The concealer contains the protective powers of Green Tea Extract, and Vitamins A, C and E. 

Now this is very cute, it would really appeal to the teens out there but also us older ones to. I love that somebody has made a product that has both a concealer and foundation built into it. So now there is no need for me to carry around two products but just the one. On the top level there is the concealer, which has a cute little white star smack bang in the middle of the concealer. The concealer also doesn't give you that dried flakey kind of look either which I think is very important when it comes to concealer, or else it can stuff up your entire makeup look. It is very concealing hiding away all of them spots that need to be hidden.
Then at the bottom of this is the foundation, which comes in 3 different shades. The shade I was sent was the Set 2, which was a medium shade. The foundation has a cute little paddle brush type applicator, which makes it easy to apply the right amount to the back of my hand for application.  Even the foundation has a very good coverage, and hide all them spots and dots nicely.  Although I would say if you were planning to wear this for a long duration of time to make sure you pack yourself a powder like the NP Set Ready Set Loose Powder, as I found my skin got a little oily after a few hours of wear (but then again that's probably just my skin type.) All in all a really nifty product thanks to NP Set.

NP Set is available at NP Set Makeup Bars, selected Target and BIG W Stores, David Jones and selected stocklists nationally.