Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation SPF 15, Honey Beige
Price: $55.00
Multitasking liquid foundation with skin-firming properties helps lift the appearance of facial contours, smooth and even skin tone, while providing sun protection. (30 mL )

I always want to make my face look flawless yet very natural, I hate when I use a foundation that is to orange or hasn't got the best coverage so you need quite a bit to cover up them blemishes. 

So whenever I am sent foundation for trial and review I am always more then happy to give it a go. My biggest fear when using a new foundation though is if my skin will like it or if it will end up in a crazy breakout. 

Well I was more then happy with the results of this foundation, even when I was squeezing it out of the tube I was so surprised at its texture. It had a beautiful velvet texture and it just glided on so easily and beautifully. I only needed a little bit for great coverage and it covered all my blemishes and bumps. I have had a little breakout on my hairline and I am very funny about having it covered up. I am quite self-conscious when it comes to pimples and break outs and hate when people can see them.

When I jumped on their site and had a look at their range, I found it amazing how many different shades they actually had. I am almost certain that every lady out there would find the right shade with Arbonne, and if not I know you could easily mix two colours to achieve it.

I know I say this a lot but I really do hope my makeup collection grows with a lot more Arbonne products in them. And I will be rest assured that if I do grow my Arbonne collection I will be leaving my mark on the environment as Arbonne is all about being earth friendly and really watching what goes into the products that the create, without skipping out on quality. I love it!! 

Arbonne’s comprehensive range of products contains micro-sized pigments for a superior texture and feel and are available for purchase from

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