pumpkin patch

I went on a little adventure into the pumpkin patch store on the weekend (which is really dangerous when Matthew isn’t there.) But I actually behaved myself this time and was really overwhelmed at the big sales they had on. 

I was able to buy my daughter Hayley who is turning 5 a pair of jeans and a top, which is pretty much a whole outfit for under $30.00

I know I used to think that Pumpkin Patch was really over priced and was just like any cheapo kids store. For example I used to just go into Kmart to get my daughter a top rather then spending that little bit extra in Pumpkin Patch.
But now I have been shopping with PP for a while and have found that their quality on clothes is so much better and worth that little bit extra. I also found that PP always has sales which means I usually get the girls tops now for about $8-$14.00, which is an amazing, BARGAIN (what mummy doesn’t love a bargain!)

I know the items I may have bought are last season, but they will be just fine for the coming seasons. Especially the super cute coloured denim jeans. She will look really cute in a jacket and scarf with these jeans on, it will really brighten her Autumn and Winter wardrobe up a little.

If you don’t want to shop in store or the stores are to far away from you, you can always do some online shopping. Their site is so easy to navigate around and the whole shopping experience is a breeze, I think its great being able to shop at home. The products usually arrive at your door within three days as well.

It will be very dangerous when we have our next child, as I love their newborn clothing, so I think our next little family member will be a pumpkin patch baby