WYE Cosmetics

wye cosmetics, is a brand I discovered and instantly fell in love with. I have two products below, which would have to be my stand out favourites. So without further a due let me introduce them to you-

Face Primer:
AUD $49.95

Wye Cosmetics Primer is the perfect all-over primer for flawless make-up application and skin rejuvenation. The light-weight, silky formula is packed with vitamins and minerals that smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores creating an even surface for foundation. This colourless base helps enhance the performance of makeup through the day while providing intense skin protection. Perfect for all skin types, with added benefits for mature skin, Wye Cosmetics Primer contains a combination of vitamins A & E along with Jojoba Oil for skin rejuvenation and antioxidant protection.

TIP: Apply a small pea size to the back of your hand and apply sparingly all over your face. This will keep your makeup on ALL day & help with any dryness on your skin. It blocks all pollution and makeup getting into your pores, which can cause breakouts. OUR BEST SELLER. Has no smell as perfume can dry your skin out

This has got to be the best primer on the market to date!! I cant even put words together to explain this product. It’s the first that has ever made me speechless! Your skin literally feels like silk! Picture rubbing your hand down a piece of silk, this is no joke the same as what your face will feel like!
It really does allow your foundation to glide on smoothly for that flawless skin finish!!
I was so excited at how well this worked every female that comes over, I got out the bottle and popped a drop on the back of their hand. I then told them to rub it in. They were stunned how good this worked and made their skin feel. This primer is well and truly worth the $$$. This is one product I will be using whenever I will have make up on. And will make sure it never runs out LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

High Definition Powder:
AUD $59.95

Wye Cosmetics High Definition Finishing Powder is a sheer-finishing powder designed for the high-definition era that provides a shine-free and naturally radiant complexion; so flawless it almost looks airbrushed. Whether skin is under the HD spotlight or regular daylight, this innovative, multi-tasking formula keeps skin hydrated. The result is makeup that looks fresh for hours and a hydrated feel, all day.Wye Cosmetics High Definition Finishing Powder is a must have beauty buy for flawless skin.

At first with this product I got scared, as it looks very white in the container. The first thing I pictured was the photos where you see women with white faces, like they have splashed their faces with talc. But no!! The High Def powder put that perfect finish to my foundation, and my face was flawless. This really was like when I have had my face done up by professionals!! You just have to use the lightest amount on your face for the prefect finish! I love WYE and think I will be shopping with them more often! And this powder will be lasting me the whole year through!! There really is plenty in there!!

TIP: Apply over a finished face to fill in large pores & smooth out fine lines, making your skin look flawless. Make sure to examine your skin under a light first and apply only to one side to really see the difference it makes. An AMAZING product. #2 BEST SELLER

Go for it mummies treat yourself to some retail therapy, to shop online follow this link http://wyec.lightplay.com.au/online_store