Moose world AU
 is 100% aussie owned
Although the products ARE NOT made in AUS many of the products are designed here on our shores at the Moose offices, including Trash Pack and Stika-Lulu.
You can find all Moose products at most leading toy stores. They have a wide range of different brands and can be found at

Series 2 Trash Pack 5 pack
RRP $7.00

Grow your Series 2 Trash Pack collection with the 5pk!
         5 x Small Bins
         5 x Trashies
         Collector Guide

Series 2 Trash Pack Feature Pack Fizz Bag
RRP $10.00

Which Trashies are hiding in your Trash Pack Fizz Bag? Drop the Dunk'N'Fizz Bag into water and watch as is dissolves and bubbles away, revealing your hidden Trashies inside!


         1 x Dissolvable Fizz Bag
       2 x Small Bins
                                                      8 x Trashies

The bin comes with a holding insert but my daughter like it like this! 

Trash Pack Collector's Trash Can

 RRP $20.00

Put your Trashies in the bin and discover some exclusive Trashies while you are there!
         1x Collector Tin
         2x Exclusive Trashies (Spew-Shi and Skummy Skull)
         2x Small Bins
Holds up to 18 Characters and Small Bins!!

My daughter absolutely loved getting this pack she wasn’t home when it arrived. But it didn’t take her long to find them when she did and all she wanted to do was open them! So I didn’t even get the chance to take pics in their packs!! She is usually a girly girly but is going through a dinosaur and cars stage (and now Trashies.)
 They are little creatures (trashies I suppose) that are squishy and actually quiet cute for trash can creatures.
They come in their own little plastic garbage cans, that you can then put in your collectors trash can! My daughter will be collecting the lot as she loves them.
I would recommend that you let your kids play with it well and truly away from little ones though as the trashies are quiet small and would certainly be a choking hazard. But like I said my daughter loves them and will be collecting them all.

Stika-Lulu 12 Pack
 RRP $6.00

Start building your Lulu Scenes with the Stika-Lulu Sticker Swap Card 12 Pack! There are stickers from each of the Lulu Designers, stacks of different styles and Berry and Blossom designs!

Stika-Lulu Trading Book RRP $15.00

The must-have accessory for any Stika-Lulu Collector! With the Stika-Lulu Trading Book you can display all your Sticker Swap Cards AND your 8 designer scenes!
Comes with 6 exclusive Swap Card Stickers.
Stika-Lulu Designer Collector's Tin
RRP $9.00

The coolest Lulu accessory, attach your Designer Tin to your school bag with the Jelly Bag Tag and take your favourite Sticker Swap Cards anywhere. Choose your favourite Designer all collect them all!
There are 4 Styles to collect and each comes with 8 exclusive Swap Card Stickers

Stika- Lulu- what a great little idea. I remember when I was a kids I used to collect stickers and had a book full of them. This is the new updated version. The stickers come on their own little cards and you pop them into your case or whatever you would like really!! I feel really bad letting my daughter stick them randomly as they are just so cute. But she has stuck a few here and there. They are a really cool way of introducing your children into collecting things!!
She takes her very nifty trading book everywhere, I have even been to toys r us to get her some more stickers J I love them and so does she. It really does take me back to the good old days! Im not sure who enjoys and loves these more my daughter or myself!! 

The logo Quiz board game!
RRP $35.00

This is a great family game, You can play with up to 6 players. But if your like me and my hubby you can play anywhere just for some fun! We just took a bunch of cards and just played like that! There are some worded questions and then some picture cards (our favourite.) All you have to do with this game is answer the questions, they will be related to a logo or brand name. Some of the cards have pictures and with these you have to guess the brand, and answer other questions. I really enjoy this game. And they are all known brands to Australia, which is so good because you know what is going on unlike other games out there, which are all American and half of the logos we don't even have in Australia!!