Kit Hand and Body Wash

Kit: Essential Kit collection has all the essentials you need to keep skin soft and smooth this Winter.

The body range which features modern, natural formulas infused with the finest, skin-beneficial essential oils includes a Soap Slab, Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Exfoliant and Body Butter, as well as a Body Massage Oil.


Essential Kit Hand & Body Wash $34.95 (525ml)

This softening and silkening multi-purpose wash gently cleanses with a conditioning blend of glycerin and chamomile flower,
and native Australian extracts: Kakadu plum for vitamin C, quandong to nourish and soothe, and lilly pilly for anti-oxidant benefits
and mild exfoliation.

It also features a refreshing blend of the finest essential oils including orange peel, cedarwood atlas and lemongrass for a seriously uplifting experience.
The result is an incredibly silky, sulphate-free hand and body wash that gently cleans and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling great!

Proudly Australian Made!!!!

Essential Kit pulls together Kit’s ingredient philosophy and strong design element in this typographical design.

This little beauty ( Well kinda on the big side 350mL!!!!) Swaps between both my shower and the bathroom basin. I actually find excuses to go and wash my hands just so I can smell the wash. You will then find me walking around with my hands to my face, sniffing away!
I love how Kit keep their labelling nice and simple. Its really sweet and modern! I love it!!
This one is perfect for mummies to, as I found it to be gentle enough to use on my little ones hands as well!! Again I find Hayley racing off to the bathroom after the toily to wash her hands because the pump bottle is such a novelty!

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