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Aromatherapy is at the heart of our product development. With essential oils - the essence of living plants as key ingredients, the ECO. modern essentials range is a collection of home fragrances, all natural skin care products and natural body care. Our carefully selected blend of active natural ingredients work in harmony with the innate healing power of the human body and our stringent manufacturing process ensures the integrity, consistency and quality of our products to optimise the physiological and mental benefits of botanical essences.
ECO understands that in todays world, having a perfectly balanced and healthy life can pose a challenge, and so endeavored to create a range which, whilst not compromising on its quality and natural wellness philosophy, holds a simplicity and ease of application and enjoyment.


Awesome packing, very quick delivery took two days!! But that was because all my products were in stock! So if you order and the product isn’t in stock, of course you would expect to wait longer. But you may be able to receive some stock and the rest will come when it is in. This is something you could speak to the lovely staff at ECO. about!!  As soon as I opened the delivery packing I could smell all the natural aromas and knew instantly; MY ECO!! The smell of lavender snuck into my nose YUMM!!!

Refresh Rose Toning Mist
This hydrating floral water can be used to spritz over the face anywhere, anytime. Contains rose extract to hydrate, calm and soothe.
Directions: Spritz skin after cleansing or anytime of day, including over the top of makeup.

THIS SMELLS OF BEAUTIFUL ROSE !! YUM It is also so easy to apply!! I love the fact you can just spray a toner on, rather then fussing over trying to pour a little liquid to a cotton ball, etc!! This is great for mummies with limited time, or who hate fussing in the bathroom. You just literally spray and go! 
It makes your skin feel really refreshed to while the aroma relaxes you!

Refresh Cleansing Lotion
A soothing and hydrating milky cleanser for sensitive, dehydrated or combination skin that will gently rinse away makeup and impurities without leaving any residue. Contains rose hip oil and oat extra...
It is what it says in the description. A nice milky texture. This is great value for money. My skin, especially near my nose was dry from my previous cleanser. So I used this for the next few days and after three days there was no more dry skin on my nose and cheeks.  I also didn’t get a sticky feeling with ECO. Cleansing lotion like I did with the previous one !

Cellulite Serum
Cellulite Serum A concentrated blend of juniper and lemon essential oil to detoxify impurities from the body and rid the body of excess fluid.
Directions: Apply to smaller problem areas such as tummy, hips and thighs for a more concentrated treatment.

I have started to use this on my legs. I found with some other stretch mark creams, lotions and serums you get a really greasy oily sticky residue left on your legs. With ECO. Cellulite serum you don’t get that feeling. And the citrus aroma is just beautiful! I put this on my tummy and my thighs after my shower and before bed! I will keep you updated if my strechies fade J  

Neck & Shoulder Rub
Neck and Shoulder Rub A concentrated blend of black pepper, rosemary and lemon essential oil to relieve aching muscles, invigorate the body and relax stiff joints.
Directions: Apply to neck and shoulder area to help reduce tension or use as a massage medium.

This is I bought just for the sake of getting my partner to massage my shoulders and kneck!! J Well it worked and It was a beautiful relaxing massage to. The essential oils really help to relax you. I just wish the massage never ended!! My partner never even had to put more on my back, one application was plenty!

Sensual Massage Oil

Sensual Massage Oil A therapeutic blend of geranium and ylang ylang to soothe and calm the nerves. Ylang ylang restores balance to the body and has an uplifting effect to the body and mind.
Directions: Can be used as a massage medium, added to a body lotion for extra nourishment or applied directly to damp skin after showering.

Same with this oil, I bought it so my partner had no excuse for not giving me a massage. Well he actually gave me a massage the night before mothers day! It put me to sleep it was that beautiful and relaxing. I couldn’t even tell you how long my massage went for it was that good!! So mummies get your partner to pull their socks up and spoil and treat you! Hey after all if you buy it, it will have to be put to good use J And $10.00 for a massage oil that is all quality and has no nasties in it, how could you go wrong ?

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