Springfields- Unscented jojoba cream
RRP is $19.95

Available in most health food stores across Australia.
But you can also purchase this online if you email or fax the order through!!


Unscented Jojoba Cream is a silky smooth, light unscented cream for the face and body. It’s formulated with a generous amount of moisturising Jojoba oil, a natural plant wax with a similar structure to our own skin oil.
The Unscented cream is an ideal alternative to massage oil where a topical application is preferred, but it does not have the oiliness of a massage oil. Essential oil(s) readily blend into the cream to create the product just right for your needs. By making up small amounts of the cream, it is easy to customize the cream to suit your skin as it changes with the seasons.

I love this cream! There is no scent, which I like when it comes to body cream! It goes on creamy and dries very well. There really is no oily finish!
I also only have to apply it once daily as it really does hydrate your skin really well!
It’s in a cute little tub, which I quite like! Nice and simple labeling, which I love its just so modern.
I also love the fact that Hayley likes this to, as then it means mummy gets lots of rubs. As she just loves rubbing cream of any sort on mummy!! The price of this cream is so good, as this one tub will go a very long way. And I love that it can be used on babies, mummies and even daddies. It’s just so versatile!  So if you have a skin hydration problem get your little hands on some of Springfield’s Unscented jojoba cream!!

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Just fax or email through an order and the lovely staff at Springfields will get back to you. They have amazing customer service! http://www.springfieldsaroma.com/orderonline.html