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EVERY PRODUCT is ACO Certified Organic; face, body, dental and hair care.
No loopholes, no compromises!

Palm oil is a cheap, low quality oil but it's not toxic and you can source Palm oil which is certified organic and not tested on animals. So what's the problem with companies who use it for making junk-food, soap and other skincare products?
Demand for bigger Palm plantations causes expansive clearing of forests in south-east Asia. Those forests also happen to be the last remaining Orang-utan habitats.
As a result:
         Every hour the equivalent of 300 soccer fields of forest are cleared.
         50 Organg-utans are killed every week.
         At the present rate, Orang-utans will be extinct in 10 years.
         The average Aussie consumes about 10kg of palm oil per year in the food they eat and the products they use.
There are no shortage of companies labelling their products and/or themselves organic, natural and even certified organic; it sells! Our company motto reads:
Without Compromise, REAL Organic Body Care. Why do we highlight the word real, surely there's no way to compromise in certified organics.

                      Bath Salts
350g / 12.4 oz
RRP $14.95
They come in Lavender, Citrus or Unscented

lavender ingredients

BFA Registered Australian Lake Salt, Australian Lavender Essential Oil*, Lavender Flower Buds*
(*ACO Certified Organic)
citrus ingredients

BFA Registered Australian Lake Salt, Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Orange Essential Oil* Calendula Petals*
(*ACO Certified Organic)
unscented ingredients

BFA Registered Australian Lake Salt, Shea Nut Butter*
(*ACO Certified Organic)

Pure Australian lake salt blended with essential oils and flowers or unscented with shea butter.
Directions: Select your favourite salt blend, add one third of the contents into a hot bath and mix the water around to dissolve completely.Always follow a salt bath with a Pure & Green Organics moisture lotion.

They also have a wide range of Organic products for your Body, Face, Baby, Bath, Hair, Teeth, Home and lots of beautiful gifts!!

I was lucky enough to get to try the citrus blend.
These are amazing in the bath. The aroma, the fell the ohh BLISS!!!
I love how there are actually bits in these salts as well. You can actually see the calendula petals in it.

And as soon as you open the lid the aroma is to die for!! Then once you sprinkle some in your bath it multiplies ten fold!! They are also easy to dissolve in the bath as well. I’ve had a few different salts that when you go to lay in the bath your have uncomfortable little bits jabbing you in your back and bottom, not very relaxing. But with these by the time I got in they were completely dissolved. SO if you mummies are looking for a beautiful hot bath in these cold nights. Once the kiddies have gone to sleep, run a bath get your hands on some Pure & Green organics salts and jump it!! Because every mummy deserves to relax!!