Kosmea is an Australian natural skincare company and an international success story, founded on the healing properties of certified organic rose hip oil. 
From the earliest days the company and its products have been developed with a strong vision, determination and commitment to integrity.

Australian Made and Owned

Skin Clinic™ Rescue Balm
50 mL 
RRP $29.95 AUD

Rich in essential fatty acids, natural vitamin A and antioxidants, this preservative FREE formula incorporates premium certified organic ingredients including rose hip butter, everlasting oil and calendula oil.
This multi-purpose balm can be applied to:
      Dry, chapped lips
      Stretch marks
      Cracked feet and heels
      Spots, scrapes and insect bites
      Nails and cuticles
      Dry and damaged hair
      After hair removal
      Cracked nipples
      Sensitive infant skin
      Unruly eyebrows

Are your eyebrows wild and unruly? Keep them in place with a dab of Kosmea's Skin Clinic™ Rescue Balm.
Alternatively, rub a little Rescue Balm into your cuticles and nails and leave for a few minutes before gently pushing cuticles down. The result? Softened cuticles and beautifully conditioned nails!

Dry, chapped lips? Keep Rescue Balm close by and apply directly to lips to ensure they are kept soft and supple all day long!

The first thing my daughter did when this arrived is put it on her lips and pop it in her little bag!! After I turned the room upside down, I asked my daughter if she had seen it she told me yes. I asked where. She then ran away and came back with her little bag and pulled out the balm.
I have also used this on my elbows as they get really dry and crack!  And it gave me instant relief! I then came home from work and my lips were burning, I was liking them and biting them all night. It felt as if I had rubbed chili all over them. So I applied some of The Kodmea’s rescue balm on them before jumping into bed. When I woke up in the morning they no longer burnt and were just dry. I applied this balm when needed to my lips and it got me through. I was all clear after 2 days!!
Im also using this on Madison’s bum every night to make sure her bum stays clear. Its worked so far!!! This balm can seriously be used for anything, its great!! And you are given a really generous amount in the tub!!

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