To date Onya bags have made 850,000 bags. With every good reusable bag having the ability to eliminate 1,000 plastic bags. Potentially our delighted customers have helped rid the world of 850,000,000 plastic bags.

Onya Lunch Apple
Price: $ 14.95    

Enjoy your lunch waste free! No need to cover your food in disposable cling wrap to keep it fresh and delicious. Simply wrap your food with your reusable Onya Lunch.
Uniquely designed for both your large roll/multiple sandwiches or to re-wrap that small half eaten toddler sandwich for later…
Also ideal for veggie sticks, pizza, biscuits, croissants, bagels, muffins, pasties, pies, cakes…what IS for lunch?
Great for work, school, picnics or play.

Useful name/order window - Great for that lunch order at your favourite café or the school canteen
Made from recycled Pet bottles with a completely foodsafe PEVA lining.
To clean, simply wipe with a cloth or handwash and line dry for a thorough clean.
Dimensions : 44cms x 37cms

Wowie, what a great little wrap!! I didn’t even know there was a product on the market like this. I used to use a good old plastic container or lunch box, just to pop a sandwhich in!! Well now I don’t have to and it saves soo much space!! When I used to go out I had to have a baby bag, my bag and then our lunch bag. Not any more!! The Onya has made my life a little easier. Every mum is limited with space and feels like when they go on an outing they carry everything but the kitchen sink!!  This is a must have for any mummy out there that uses glad wrap everyday or even worse tin foil!! They are so easy to clean the inside layer is an easy wipe plastic surface!! I actually popped the whole bag in the sink when doing the washing to clean it! That was fine and came out shiny clean. It was also ready to use again the next morning!! I will continue to use these throught both girls schooling years and also for my lunch. They are great for Daddies to take to work to!!
I wrapped my banana up in one and threw it in my bag!! I opened the wrap up at lunch and for the first time in a long time I didn’t have a bruised brown banana!!!!