Chest Rub with Eucalyptus Virgin Coconut Chest Rub w/ Eucalyptus
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Available in 125ml 
BANABAN Virgin Coconut Chest Rub with Eucalyptus not only leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth but also has the added benefits of the natural aroma of Eucalyptus.  Australian Aborigines were well aware of the medicinal benefits of Eucalyptus Oil and today it is a familiar ingredient in chest rubs and decongestants.
BANABAN Virgin Coconut Chest Rub with Eucalyptus  not only leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth but also has the added benefits of the natural aroma of Eucalyptus.  

This is so good, especially when you read the label and its reads Ingredients: 100% raw extra virgin coconut oil and eucalyptus oil THAT’S IT!! Nothing else, no hidden ingredients. That’s all!! And this smell is beautiful think of sitting on a tropical island sipping coconut water and having chest rub on :P haha not the best place to be when your sick. But this is exactly what it smells like!! All you have to do is pop it in warm water and it slowly melts! I just popped the whole bottle (closed lid of course) in the girls bath and BAM!! It was ready when they got out!!
This is very good for the sick little munchkins or even mummies to rub on their chest, or their feet ( I've heard this actually works better then the chest)

BANABAN Extra Virgin Coconut Oil®  
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250ml (260gram) 8.45 fl.oz 

A Deliciously Healthy Edible Oil for Cooking and Natural Body Care
Packed in Australian made *PET Plastic bottles with induction sealed) with convenient flip top lid for easy pouring. (*guaranteed Bisphenol A free)

Pure Banaban Extra Virgin oil will solidify below  18 degrees C (65 degree F). Warm to liquefy.

Again when reading the Ingredients all you will find is 100% coconut oil and for this stuff THAT’S IT!! So it can be used for so much… Can even be edible if that’s what floats your boat J Banaban uses coconuts from FIJI! You can find recipes on their site at :

Both these products are GLUTEN FREE   VEGAN FRIENDLY and RAW!!! No added ANYTHING!!! EVERYTHING is absolutely natural!!

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