H2Coco Secret…
Did you know that coconut water needs to be kept out of the sun? That might sound a bit strange but, in fact, coconut water oxidises (loses freshness) when exposed to sunlight. So if coconut water is in a clear container, it may not be as fresh as H2Coco and it certainly will not stay fresh as long. We use Tetra Pak, the only packaging that stabilises and give pure coconut water a shelf life of 12 months. That’s one way we keep H2Coco coconut water 100% natural, 100% nutritious and 100% delicious. Our Tetra Pak uses a lot less energy than plastic counterparts, a lot less materials in relation to the product and a lot less natural resources. Pretty good, huh? H2Coco. A natural, fat-free, low-calorie health drink packed with life-giving nutrients. No nasties. No sweat!

H2Coco Also comes in Organic, Pineapple and Pomegranate & Acai.

100% Aussie Owned

Pure RRP  $2.95
Servings per Package: 1
Serving Size: 330ml

Curious about coconut water? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Find out why celebrities, yogis and athletes are drinking it. Satisfy your taste with H2Coco Original. All the goodness of coconut water in a pure natural flavour. Go on, have a taste.

Ok, well I had a big night last weekend ( A very big night) We had baby sitters and the night was ours! J Well I woke up the next morning feeling so sorry for myself and really seedy YUCK!! Being a mummy you cant afford to feel like this! I though oh god, I am in for a LOOONG day. I went to the fridge and the closest thing to me was H2Coco Organic coconut. I literally skulled this thing with no time to taste! There was no horrible after taste. I sat down for a bit to debate whether or not to have some breaky. And after 15mins I started to feel pretty good considering. I knew it was the H2Coco as I was so dehydrated and dry lipped. After drinking the coconut water I started to slowly come good. So I went to the fridge and grabbed my last bottle. I slowly sipped this one as I love coconut water! It really is something that you either love or you hate though! Its just one of them things, but I happen to love it!! I know what Ill make sure is stocked up in my fridge when I plan to drink again!! H2Coco that’s for sure.

To buy some h2Coco to try for yourself go to http://www.h2coconut.com/buycoconutwater/   

 Or just for more info go to! They have a funky little site to! http://www.h2coconut.com/index.html