Burts Bees

Baby Bee Bubble Bath
98.90% NATURAL
Make bath time fun, naturally! Wrap your baby in a blanket of bubbles with this tear-free and SLS-free formula. This plant-based cleansing complex is combined with nourishing soy protein to wash baby’s skin without irritation. Glycerin is added to moisturise and a touch of vanilla extract helps calm and comfort baby.

The smell!! The smell THE SMELL!!!!! This Is the trademark burts bees smell! I love it!! I love soaking my girls in the bath now knowing they’ll come out smelling delish!! It soaks into their skin and is light yummy honey smell!! If you’re a sucker of that ‘baby smell’ Burts Bees takes it to the next level! Yum!! Great size bottle that will last me a long time!

Baby Bee skin Cream
RRP $21.95
99.69% NATURALSoothe all the rough spots. Wholesome ingredients are carefully blended to create an ultra-rich, soothing skin crème for baby’s tender skin. Sweet almond oil, aloe vera and beeswax absorb quickly to soften, nourish and re-condition dry skin.

Again, that trademark Burts Bees smell comes out!! If they made a perfume in their scent I would wear it!!  It’s a nice honey smell, and added in the skin cream it doubles the smell of the bubble bath!! This cream gets soo many comments, even from complete strangers!! Its also a smell that last the day through. My little girls love this stuff and so does mummy! Burts Bees leaves my girls skin feeling soft and silky ( just the way I like it!!)

Foot and Hand cream
RRP $24.95
Give your legs and feet a treat. This rich cream is specially formulated with peppermint oil and rosemary extract to soothe and condition. Your legs and feel will thank you for the special treatment!

Get that tingly cool feeling on your hands and feet!! This would have been PERFECT when I was pregnant!! My partner could have easily rubbed this on my feet that used to ache so bad from carrying all that extra baggage!! This I recommend highly to pregnant mummies with feet that ache!!
I just want to use this stuff to feel the tingle!!

You can buy Burts Bees full range online at http://www.burtsbees.com.au/

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