Stillwater Sweets

About Stillwater Sweets

We are Australian makers of unique natural soft sweets known as
No Worries Lollies
Our No Worries Lollies are a smooth and soft confection made locally using our own unique family recipes.  We have perfected our special cold working methods to gently cook and blend the sweets while protecting the natural ingredients.  This extra care and attention brings forth the delicate natural flavours and beautiful pastel colours that are free of artificial ingredients. We are proud to use the produce of the tropics and our local cane fields in all our recipes and hope you enjoy the flavour of our naturally delicious Australian made soft lollies!
No Artificial Flavours
No Artificial Colours
No Preservatives
Gluten and Wheat Free
95% Fat Free and no Trans fats
Low salt
Cholesterol Free
Free of Soy
Nut and Peanut free (our facilities are all nut and soy free production)
Free of Dairy and Lactose
No added fructose or high fructose syrups
Free of all Animal products (vegan friendly)

Naturally Delicious!

                               We are proud to be makers of genuine                                           Australian products.
So yup that means AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED!!!

Banana Soft               Cherry Soft
Chocolate Soft     Coconut
Espresso           Ginger
Grape               Green Apple
Kakadu Plum              Kiwi Fruit
Lemon                     Lime
Liqourice           Mango
Matcha Green Tea        Mint Chocolate
Mixed               Orange
Passionfruit         Peppermint
Pineapple          Strawberry

If you have kids like me, that sometimes when they have certain foods they can react and go a little crazy maybe its whats going in their mouths!!  Or if you are a weight conscious mummy but still have a sweet tooth and have a sweet tooth, also like me.. Then these lollies are for you!! There are soo many flavours available and they taste amazing!! They are a soft candy and can easily be chewed so theres no chipping or breaking a tooth!! They are 95% fat free and low salt and cholesterol FREE!!
Also I have an intolerance to dairy and didnt notice how many things I put in my mouth actually contained it!! But these lollies are great for those with allergies as well. They contain NO diary and lactose, Nut and peanut free, no added fructose or high frustose syrups.
And they are FREE from ALL animal products. So in other words no animals were harmed in the making of these lollies in anyway shape or form!!
Did I mention how good these are!!! My daughter very rarely had sweets, and now I reward her with a treat here and there!! I have a 1st  birthday coming up and I wil be buying these for in the lolly bags and for on the table!!! I was lucky enough to try the Espresso coffee, Liquorice, Cherry, Banana, Passionfruit, Matcha Greentea, Mint Chocolate and the mix assortment!! Of all these flavours I dont have on bad thing to say!