Scented Sisters

Our Soap

High quality food grade oils are used to produce our delicious handmade soaps that nourish your skin. Oils such as olive oil, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, rice bran oil, vegetable shortening and castor oil are all used to produce our hand-crafted soaps.
When it comes to colouring our luscious soap we use Australian Natural Organic clays, which help nourish and replenish your skin. Herbs and spices are also used to give our soap colour, exfoliation and a more natural rustic look, which adds to their uniqueness.
For beneficial health and wellbeing essential oils are used to scent our soaps. Essential oils have a rich and very natural aroma, which helps to arouse the mind and spirit.

Due to popular demand we also use a handful of fragrances in some of our soaps.


They also sell lip balm, massage bars and lotion!

Prices on their lovely soap

The slices on their web site are $7 each and the full logs are $60.  This is all inclusive of postage there's no more to pay.
The logs work well if there is a few mums put in and buy a log together and split cost.

You can purchase these from their website . Although their website is still under work so bear with the beautiful Mel has she is busy herself (with four kids and a business) But trying her hardest to get all her lovely products on. There is still a nice wide variety up there though!! 

I said to Mel (of Scented Sisters) I found this stuff to melt away much quicker (do not last as long as supermarket soap) And I got a great answer! It’s because it doesn’t have all the preservatives and nasty things in it!! And you know what, I would rather have a soap that lasts a week then a soap that last two weeks but is loaded with crap!! But I also left it in the soap dish, so it was in constant contact with water, it’s meant to be taken away from water after use! I also love the fact that you can buy the full log and cut it, as you would like to use it. But I will be starting off buying slices to find the scent I like and then I will more then likely go halves with my mum. As she complimented me when I came over after a shower. She said ‘ mm what perfume do you have on?’ I replied ‘ None at all, It will probably be the soap.’
This soap really does work up a nice lather and leaves your skin squeaky clean, while hydrating it. They also make soap to look like cake (which I will have to invest in very soon!!)

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