Baby Royale

Wholesome Natural and Organic Baby Food
Yummy meals, snacks and cereals for babies and toddlers.
    Born in Australia.

 Perfect for little ones everywhere!
At Baby Royale, we make delicious, pure and safe baby foods that give your children the nutrition they need, without the hidden nasties.
In fact, what we leave out is as important as what we put in.
The good guys go in; pear, apple, banana, mango, apricot peach, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, spinach and lentils.
And the bad guys stay out. You can be confident that Baby Royale products contain:
         NO Added Sugar or Salt
         NO Artificial Colours or Flavours
         NO Additives or Thickeners
         NO Genetically Modified ingredients
         NO Hidden Nasties.
A 100% Australian owned company, Baby Royale first sprouted in 2009 with the philosophy of “Simply honest, wholesome food for baby.” And Australian MADE

They have 22 different types of food satchels, and I was lucky enough to try 12!

The best thing about Baby royale, is that you can actually taste it is real food going into your babies belly.  A lot of baby food I have given my daughter and had a little taste, I turn my nose up to. It all tastes watered down. But with Baby Royale it is so full of flavor, I think I will be having some when I get these wisdom teeth removed! My littlest loved all of the food that was put in front of her and never turned her nose up once!  I also love the handy little pouches they are in! I was out and forgot a spoon ( I have a fried memory half the time) And I was freaking out and then tried to give it to her straight from the pouch. Well my bubba being a clever little one at 9 months wrapped her mouth around and I just squeezed the pouch a little. IT WORKED J She finished the whole pouch that way!
Its also great because you can just put the pouch straight into hot water to heat, or take the lid of and zap it in the microwave if that’s what you prefer!
They also have a wide range of natural and ORGANIC meals for bubs! I will definitely be going back to buy more. And Baby Royale make it easy for you with an online store, dropped off to your door! Keeps my baby happy, which means a happy mummy!

These are the flavours we were lucky enough to try!!

Stage One- +4 Months
Organic Apple RRP $2.29
Organic Banana, Sweet potato and Pear RRP $2.29
Natural- Apple and Banana RRP $2.09
Natural Peach and Pear RRP $2.09

Also Available in Apple, Blueberry and Raspberry.
 Pear Puree.
 Apple with sweet potato and carrot.

STAGE TWO- +6 months
Organic Apple, peach and banana RRP $2.59
Organic Lamb with sweet potato and carrot RRP $2.59
Natural Apple and Mango RRP $2.39
Natural Beef with Golden Veg RRP $2.39

Also Available in Sweet potatoe, pumpkin and corn.
Pear and Apricot
Sweet Potato, pumpkin and Spinach.

STAGE THREE- +9 months
Organic Lamb Dinner RRP $2.79
Organic Beef Ragout RRP $2.79
Natural Apple, peach and Apricot RRP $2.59
Natural Pasta And Veg RRP $2.59
Also Available in Chicken and Veg Casserole
Chicken with Chickpea and lentil tabouhli
Lentils and Veg
Persian chicken

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