Alpha H

Who Is Alpha H ??

In a nut shell, Alpha-H is your skins new best friend. Like a good friend, Alpha-H is kind, gentle, and nurturing. It understands all your skins flaws and works tirelessly to help you overcome them. But when the occasion calls, Alpha-H can also be tough, direct, with no time for nonsense!
Alpha-H will support your skin through the good times and the bad, and only ever have its best interests in mind. We guarantee that youll never have another friend like Alpha-H.

Alpha clay mask
Size 100mL

RRP $36.50
A deep pore cleansing mask that draws out toxins and impurities without stripping the skin.  Impurities are swept away, pores unclogged and skin liberated to enjoy a cleaner, smoother, noticeably softer future. An effective treatment for acne when used in conjunction with our other acne solutions.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding - DO NOT use this product as it contains Vitamin A, which may be harmful in large doses.

I used this while having a bath last night to get away from the minus 7 weather ( not really but close :P) As I soaked in the bath and my face turned to rock, with tingles I knew it was time do dunk my head!! So I washed away the mask. When I poked my head out of the water my face felt like silk!! No oil nose nothing! It felt great! Then the little one started to ark up, my little bath was over!! J  I will be using this mask again tonight, as its always nice to treat your face to some good TLC!!! This has no scent or anything. All in all a great product!

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Absolute Eye Complex

Size 15mL
RRP $69.50
 Provides an instant pick-me-up, reflecting light away from creeping fine lines, dark circles and telltale puffiness around the eye area.  Uses a blend of botanicals and the latest in skin care technology to firm, lighten, resurface and re-hydrate the delicate eye tissue. 
Who needs nasty injections or cosmetic procedures? If you answered me DON’T just grab yourself some of this stuff! I know I’m a young mummy, but these bags under my eyes tell a story!! Sleepless nights, colic baby and all that does come with being a mum!! This is a nifty little product to apply in the morning when you just don’t want make-up, but need that lift!!

Balancing cleanser
Size: 200ml
RRP: 42.00
A gentle creamy cleanser that softly hydrates and cleanses the skin without drying and stretching.  Removes all traces of face and eye makeup whilst balancing the skin.  Three in one action. Suitable for acne prone skin.
When using this think of heaven in a tube…. Light and silky on the face, it comes out very much like moisturizer. Except it gently and easily removes dirt and make up from the face!

                         Liquid gold

Size: 100ml
Alpha-H’s world renowned skin refining solution. 
A powerful night time resurfacing and firming lotion for the skin. This exclusive complex jump-starts the skin’s metabolism, tightens enlarged pores, and delivers lighter, clearer and more even skin tone. Also an effective treatment for acne when used in conjunction with our other acne solutions.  
Well I don’t think there is much to explain with this one the name of it, pretty much sums it up!! I don’t know if this is a product I would use often. As I already have firm skin but Im sure the older mummies would appreciate this one!! Easy to pop on right before bed, after you have brushed your teeth! You can feel it tighten as you lay there!!!

Ultra Protector Daily Moisturiser with 30+ SPF
Size: 100ml
RRP: $54.95
A daily moisturiser providing the ultimate daily defense system to shield your skin against the harsh environmental conditions that causes premature ageing.  Will not clog pores and is suitable to wear under makeup.  Broad spectrum UVA / UVB sun block for all skin types.
Accredited by the Australian Skin Cancer Association.
I love a moisturizer with a good SPF in it!! Kill two birds with one stone ( NOT LITERALLY GUYS!!) poor birdie!! Any way a moisturiser and a sunscreen! How could you go wrong! And yet when I think of sunscreen I think oily pore block yuck stuff!!! But nope not Alpha-H its light and really does let the skin breathe!! This stuff is great!!

                                 Micro Cleanse with 12% Glycolic Acid
Size: 100mL
RRP: $42.00
A granulated exfoliator formulated to help dislodge dead skin cells and oil from pores.  An entire beauty regime in a bottle: deep cleanser, exfoliator, polish, mask, all-in-1.

Hmmm… where to start with this one! For starters it smells like a minty ( yummmm)
And the exfoliator beads really are tiny and soft!! They remind me of sand run through it only much softer and gentle on the skin!!  And it leaves a silky smooth finish to the skin ( like a babies bottom hehe )
I much prefer this one over the Balancing cleanser. The Alpha-h balancing cleanser gives more a squeaky clean finish. Where as this one is a softening finish!!  If I said the balancing cleanser was heaven in a tube, I wonder what this is ;P

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