Mummies ( no little eyes)

Ok mummies if you have little ones sitting with you, now would be the time for them to look away.. …. They might get grossed out!!


The Discreet Intimate Massager with Unparalleled Power
RRP $139.00 and worth every cent!!

SIRI has beauty and brains in abundance, appearing as LELO's most powerful sensual massager to date. Designed for clitoral and all-over body stimulation, SIRI benefits from a stronger and more efficient motor, allowing for even more intense and targeted vibes over 6 vibration modes. SIRI's ergonomically contoured shape meanwhile directs the improved vibration strength through the quietest buzz, ensuring nothing comes between you and those soon-to-be discovered heights.

Although the reason this intimate adult toy is so good is you wouldn’t know what it was if you didn’t own one yourself!!! There really small.. And they also work really really well as a massager. I couldn’t be bothered giving my hubby a back massage after his nagging so I whipped my Siri out!! Not even my hubby knew what it was!! So they can be very secretive!! And they have a lot of power behind them to!! I would have to say my favorite feature is the plug and go. They plug in the wall recharge really quick and that’s it!! So here’s a little run down of what the Siri really is all about …. It also has a great control panel, with faster and slower and also a different sequence button so it vibrates in different ways!!

The link to their site is