Endless Sun Tanning

Endless Sun Tanning Solution - more than just colour!
Tanning products are about colour. However the effect that spray tanning products can have on the skin must be addressed. We all know that the sun damages and dries the skin but some instant tanning products can dry out the skin, sometimes to the same extent that the sun can.
It is essential to hydrate and nourish the skin in order not only to maintain the life of a tan but also to keep skin healthy and younger looking. However considering the busy Australian lifestyle, remembering to care for your skin daily, is in itself a task.
A Tanning Solution That Cares for Your Skin
For this reason, choose Endless Sun spray tanning solutions, a product that contains specially selected ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin whilst providing a healthy natural tan. This is a convenient and sensible option as you can care for your skin whilst creating a healthy natural looking tan.
Made in Australia.
Energising Exfoliating Gel 250mls
RRP $22.95
250 mL
A refreshingly unique emulsion with fine exfoliating particles to smooth, polish and energize the skin. Containing Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin against damage caused by free radicals. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
This is so soft on the skin. My last exfoliator was so rough and harsh on my skin, especially when you have just shaved or waxed!! But this did the job to perfection!! It also helped even out my tan after the first few days ( When you become blotchy.)
Refreshing Body Wash 250mls
RRP $17.75
250 mL
A gentle body wash designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities, without disturbing the skin’s moisture balance. A complete moisture boost, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Again with this there is no strong scent! Some may like no scent while others may prefer a strong scented wash that keeps your skin smelling through out the day! I am one of them mummies that like to smell yumm the whole day! But with saying that’s this is a great little wash! Foams up nicely and leaves you squeaky clean!! I used this before I used the Exfoliator to help wash away all the oils and dead skin! And you only need a little to cover your whole body!
Hydrating Body Lotion 250mls
RRP $22.95
An intense moisturising lotion to revitalise and hydrate the entire body. This delicately fragranced lotion, retains skin’s moisture and improves elasticity. With deep moisturising effect to assist with younger, healthier and firmer looking skin. Leaves the skin looking luminous and radiant.
I used this after my tanning foam had dried and settled in     ( I would say it would have been an hour.) Theres no strong scents with any of these products either it just a nice subtle         smell.
Self Tanning Foam 150mls Caramel
RRP $39.95
150 mL
Endless Essentials Instant Self Tanning Foam provides a long lasting instant tan in minutes. The tanning foam allows for even coverage and a non-streaky application. Product benefits include a quick drying, non-sticky and completely odorless application, rich in DHA for 8-10 days lasting wear. Available in all three colours, caramel, chocolate & dark chocolate 2-HOUR formula.
Comes in Caramel, Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.
At first I though it came out really dark. As my previous tans have always come out of the bottle light and then slowly develop! Well I had no reason to be scared, as this tan was perfect!! No orange tint to it at all! It is as it says; chocolate colour!! It also has no smell, which is great! And I finished my tan off with the Endless Sun Hydrating Lotion!
This is a great foam. It comes with plastic gloves, but I actually used a microfiber glove that I have had from a previous tanning agent! And I find when you use a glove you get an even (non streaking) tan!! 5 stars, this stuff!!  

To find out more and even a salon near you go to http://www.endless-sun.com.au/
Or you can buy all the products I review at  http://www.endless-sun.com.au/spray-tanning-products/self-tanning.html