Chikii's Le Edge

Another Australian company with an innovative product - Le Edge.
Background to the Le Edge Product. - We were searching for an all over body exfoliating product but could not find one anywhere. Research led us to the Roman tool called the „strigil. In ancient times, Romans would oil themselves and then clean their bodies down with the strigil before entering their steam rooms and bath houses. This led us to creating and manufacturing our own modern day strigil –“The Le Edge.” “The next generation in exfoliation
 What is Le Edge? Le Edge is a hand-held exfoliating tool that lasts longer than 12 months “We Guarantee it” Le Edge has a hygienic stainless steel edge that you glide over your skin to remove dead skin cells, fake tan remnants, toxins and excess creams, from the surface of your skin giving you a professional exfoliation look and feel, naturally, without chemicals. Use just water. One device will exfoliate all over your face and body. It comes in pink and blue.Le Edge is an ergonomic design with non slip power grips for comfort and control. The hygienic, stainless steel „Edge means that Le Edge is easily washed clean.
 RRP $34.00 Special launch price at at $30.00 at our Chikii store.

I was a very lucky mummy and got the chance to use the Le Edge thanks to the beautiful staff at Chikii!!
This does as it says it does, and really does a good job!! I thought to myself when I jumped in the bath. Oh god this thing is either going to cut me or leave me with some kind of rash. It was very intimidating. But who cares when it did such a great job. Just like the first time I used a razor, I was afraid but when I got used to it, it was great. My skin irritates very easily. To my surprise it did neither. I really think this helped my tan to be even and a nice rich colour.  I do recommend you give your skin a good hydrating with a moisturiser to prevent your legs from drying out!! All you have to do is the same with your razor you shave your legs with nice and smooth strokes on wet legs (no need for soap or foam) and it gently and efficiently removes dry skin left on your body. I love the funky pink colour as well; J It is also available in blue!
 Chikii stocks so many beautiful brands that are mostly Australian made and certified organic such elly b, Mokosh, Savi, La Mav, kimi and many more!
 Why not give it a try!!

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