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Monday, 7 May 2012

Want a safe moisturizer based on natural ingredients that ACTUALLY WORKS, but won't break the bank?
Some moisturisers have expensive packaging and promises... but do you really need to spend a fortune to find one that works?
Vegesorb is a non-greasy moisturiser based on natural Almond and Apricot kernel oil, fragrance and colour free and safe to use on sensitive skin, Vegesorb Is available from Chemists and Health Food Stores
Almond and apricot kernel oils are universally renowned for their penetrative and non-greasy abilities and compatibility with sensitive skin.

Alternative to petrochemical sorbolenes

100g is $8.70
RRP 250g is $14.30
RRP 1kg is $49.20

Some stores you can find less then the RRP!!!

I love the fact that I can put this on both my family and myself, knowing that there is nothing harsh going on their skin and its as natural as can be. I also love how no poor animals were involved in the making or testing of this product! Vegesorb also has no scent, which is good. Also for something so natural it’s also very economical!
The 100g tube is a great travel size. To pop in the nappy bag for them ‘dry’ moments!! Let their never be a dry moment again in your family to!

TO FIND WHERE VEGESORB IS STOCKED NEAR YOU JUST GO TO : is available in health food shops in all Australian states and in most Queensland pharmacies and located in the skin care section beside Aveeno, Cetaphil, Dermaveen, Dove, Eulactol, Garnier, Hamilton, Loreal. Macro, Nivea. OLay, QV and Rosken all of which contain mineral, paraffin or petrolatum.

For more info you can always jump onto their webpage at:

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