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Inika Minerals

Product Name:  Certified Organic Makeup Remover
RRP: $39.00
Members: $37.05

I really put this Inika make up remover to the test this weekend! I had two confirmations to go to. And I love the smokey eye look, which does require a bit of dark eye shadow! Well I got home and dreaded taking my make up off. As with any of my removers it’s more of a scrub to get it off and my face is left sore and raw, or my eyes sting! And it usually takes me agggges!! But I bit the bullet and gave Inika a shot! WELL……. It is fair to say I will never go back! This product is amazing! I thought that being natural and ORGANIC that there was no way it would get the amount of make up I put on off the first time!! But this little beauty surprised me big time!! All you have to do is apply it to some cotton balls (well I used pads ) and remove! Comes off like a treat. I love how you don’t have to use water for it to actually clean, it comes out of the bottle looking like a moisturiser.
There’s no burn no sting nothing! It’s such a fab product. As all mummies know sometimes when you get home, when you have kids its just jump on into bed without bothering to make up remove the face. And you wake up in the morning with lovely panda eyes and just feeling gross. Well you will never have this problem If you give Inika a go. I wont be turning back!

These are before, during and after pics of the Inika makeup remover. 

Find Your Funk is a massive natural and organic cosmetics outlet online.  I have a huge choice of some of Australia’s finest products including aromatherapy, skincare, makeup, hygiene, for him, mother & baby.  You can choose from hundreds of samples at a fraction of the price and take advantage of your 10% member’s lifetime discount.  The best part, it’s all 100% Australian made.

Also I will add; Their customer service is amazing. The folks at Find Your Funk are amazing and they really want a great customer experience. If there is a problem they are also more then happy to help! I will be shopping with FYF for my products (with my sisters birthday around the corner, I know where Ill be shopping)

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