Skin Things

SkinThings skincare solutions are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients - healthy food for your skin. 

The Skin Things skincare range is totally natural using the highest quality ingredients: plant oils, essential oils, herbal extracts and pure spring water.
We know this because we manufacture our skincare products here in Adelaide.

With SkinThings, you can have a clear skin and a clear conscience.

NO parabens.

NO mineral oils.

NO sodium lauryl sulphate.

NO artificial fragrances.

NO petro-chemicals.
NO synthetic preservatives.

NOT tested on animals.
So basically they keep the bad things out and only the good stuff touches your family and your own skin!!

Lavender + Chamomile   Baby Balm   

A combination of nourishing plant oils and soothing essential oils of lavender and chamomile. Ideal all over moisturiser as well as a healing nappy balm.

Well I used this on my daughters bum and it soothed her really good when the teething nappy rash came along!! The great thing is theres no nasty’s in the balm so you can use it as much as needed. There is no limits to this balm.
I also used this on my lips after work. When I went to work, I kept licking my lips and in and out of the kitchen was just making them burn!!! I applied this before I jumped into bed and by the morning my lips were fine. I love how SkinThings has kept to the white, black and orange theme throughout their range its really funky.

Baby Wash 

Gentle for delicate skins. A great Organic wash for your little ones skin. Washes away all the junk on babies skin gently, while being super soft on their skin.

Generally if I use a harsh wash on my skin I will get a rash, my skin is very sensitive. So I am really really careful with my kids skin as well!! I usually use a wash on myself before I will use it on them, just to make double check!! But this was fine. It had a great calming scent to it as well. Wasn’t overpowering it was really just a low key smell!!
After having a ball and using it on me in the shower I used it on the little ones comes bath time it worked great. It was gentle on their skin and left them squeaky clean while their skin remained soft.
I also used this in their water to make a bubble bath and it did just that which is great!!

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