WIN with Stayfree

Trying to squeeze into them jeans that used to fit nicely, you bend down and whoah you’re a plumber!!  The many different discomforts surrounding being a mum is just not fun!! Like the mornings you wake up feeling like you have been run over by  truck only to have to pick yourself up and do them motherly duties! There is just no time to rest like back in the days before the kids came along! Bless their souls I love them to death, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

I will speak about my number one discomfort and hate then I want to hear all about yours FOR YOU CHANCE TO WIN A PACK OF STAYFREE WINGED PADS.
And this is where my story comes to light. I have never really been a tampon wearing mummy, as I just find them much to uncomfortable and just not safe personally. So when it comes to that time of the month I have to open the good old bottom draw and pick whether its, regular winged, no wings, overnight and the options are endless. I hate when it a heavy period and I have to go out, you will always see me wearing BLACK tracksuit pants. I walk around with the fear that other people will see the outline or the bulge of the pad or hear it moving as I walk. I loose a lot of self-esteem at that time of the month, and it really is one discomfort I dread! Now its not only having to wear a pad, but the crippling stomach aches and cramps that keep me popping panadol and a heat pack attached to my stomach that gets me. Now before kids come period time I would stay in bed for 2 days in pain, I don’t have that option anymore and plod along doing what I have to do. To ease a little of my discomfort I have now found a pad that is comfortable and moves with my body, with no leaks or anything. And that is the Ultra thin regular wings by Stayfree.

For your chance to WIN yourself one of 6 packs let me know WHAT CAUSES THE MOST DISCOMFORT IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.?

Winners will be announced on the 10th December.
Please leave your email so that I can contact the winners :) 
One entry per person.