Spring is upon us… and boy oh boy has it been long awaited!! Im so glad to finally see the sun and feel the warmth again!

I also love that the kids can frolic outside in the sun without needing gumboots and an umbrella!! Now I am hanging for the Summer and no rain!!

One thing I do not like about Spring (well MELBOURNE'S Spring) anyway is how many sniffles and colds you get. One day you’re in your favourite dress and thongs enjoying a 32-degree day; the next day you are wearing a coat and bloody scarf!! COME ON MELBOURNE .. STOP IT!!!

But the Spring fashion OH LA LAHH I am loving the corals and florals!! And I also LOVE going to the Spring carnival races, getting all dressed up and hitting the turf. Watching all the stunning outfits walk by and Oggling off the amazing shoes!! I also love getting tips and inspirations from the amazing Bird Cage at Flemington AMAZEBALLSS!!!!

Well I hope all the other mummies out there are enjoying this amazing day, I will stop rambling on and join the kids out the backyard!!